Assisted Conception Unit King's College Hospital

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Assisted Conception Unit King's College Hospital

Assisted Conception Unit King's College Hospital
1st Floor Mapother House
King's College Hospital
Denmark Hill
Tel: 020 3299 5390

Clinic details: London is home to many prestigious medical institutions, of which King's College Hospital is a leader in its services and the quality of its healthcare provision. A comprehensive range of treatments are available at King's College Hospital to meet the varying needs of patients suffering from fertility issues and the like. The complexity of human fertility means that a hospital needs to be able to provide a complete range of treatments at the hands of specialists able to choose the best approach for you and your condition, and this is where King's College Hospital excels. Insemination and donor insemination are both available should they be deemed necessary by your doctor, and if these fail to achieve pregnancy then you can rest assured and confident in the fact that IVF and ICSI options are also available. The revolution of IVF and ICSI has changed the face of fertility treatments, providing couples and single women with an option where previously there wasn't one. So if you are looking for a truly excellent and complete fertility service in London, then King's College Hospital is a superb choice.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: King's College Hospital has earned national renown as a centre of excellent care within London, and its assisted conception unit carries on this tradition of superb service to provide anyone in need of fertility treatment a safe, efficient, and reliable service. The King's College Hospital Assisted Conception Unit has been in service since 1983, and since being one of the first to deliver a live birth after a successful IVF treatment, has gone on to offer a comprehensive range of treatments to meet your fertility needs. Couples, HIV positive couples, single women, and same sex couples can all receive treatment at this excellent centre. The centre has also been able to report a remarkable increase in clinical pregnancy rates over 2010, and is consistent with the HFEA's national average live birth rate from IVF and ICSI. Multiple births are widely thought to be the most serious risk of fertility treatments, and the King's College Hospital ACU has met and exceeded the HFEA target for single births by 5.3%. The King's ACU has established a reputation treating a range of male and female infertility conditions including ovarian failure, genetic problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, retrograde ejaculation, and poor sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Services offered at this clinic: NHS and private patients treated, stimulated and unstimulated donor insemination, IVF, insemination, ICSI, stimulated and unstimulated IUI, blastocyst transfer, IVF and ICSI from donor eggs, embryos, and sperm. Sperm, egg, and embryo donor recruitment, embryo and sperm storage, testicular tissue storage, counselling services, translator services, post-coital test, sperm assessment, ovulation induction, sperm washing full surrogacy, TESA, PESA, treatment for HIV and hepatitis patients, and IVF and storage for people with viral infections