Assisted Conception Unit Leigh

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Assisted Conception Unit Leigh

Assisted Conception Unit Leigh
Leigh Infirmary
The Avenue
Tel: 01942 264 156

Clinic details: Leigh's Assisted Conception Unit is a specialist facility that diagnoses and treats infertility, and has been doing so since 1987. Referrals come from the surrounding areas like Bolton and Wigan from both GPs and Consultants. A multidisciplinary team is responsible for your care and treatment, and is composed of medical consultants as well as specialist clinical scientists, nurses, and counsellors with broad experience in the field. At the centre the causes of your infertility are fully investigated, and the treatments available on site are surgeries, fertility drug treatment, intrauterine insemination (IUI), and conception advice. Other procedures can be arranged atSatellite centres should they become necessary, but where possible on-site treatments will be used to treat you quickly and efficiently to keep the stress and emtional difficulty that surrounds fertility treatment to a minimum.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: The Leigh Infirmary's Assisted Conception Unit is equipped with its own waiting, scanning, consulting, counselling, procedure, and male production rooms, as well as a laboratory, theatre facilities, andSatellite centres, to provide a complete care service under one roof. The Unit offers its insemination treatments to NHS patients with no upper age limit, although it only provides a maximum of 3 insemination cycles itself. The BMI limit for patients treated at the unit and is 35, and both unstimulated and stimulated intra-uterine insemination procedures are offered. The difference between these is that the stimulated form of the treatment involves the use of fertility drugs to enhance a woman's fertility, and provides an alternative method if initial IUI cycles have failed.

Services offered at this clinic: NHS patients treated, insemination, stimulated and unstimulated intrauterine insemination (IUI), counselling services, patient support groups, translator services, sperm assessment, ovulation induction, sperm washing, tubal surgery, ovulation cycle, treats patients with hepatitis