Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine

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Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Barts and the London NHS Trust
2nd Floor Kenton and Lucas Wing
Little Britain
Tel: 0203 465 5050

Clinic details: St Bartholomew's Hospital is one of London's most prestigious medical institutions, and its reproductive medicine department carries on a noble tradition of excellent service and care. The Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine provides both private and NHS patients with the latest and most highly demanded fertility treatments, as well as access to donor material for those treatments if necessary to give you the best and most tailored treatment for you. In vitro fertilisation, commonly abbreviated as IVF and artificial insemination are both mainstays of fertility treatment, and The Barts offers these treatments as well as refinements that can increase your chances of a successful conception. The ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) protocol is one such tweak to the traditional IVF treatment that increases the chances of a successful pregnancy by injecting a single sperm cell right into an egg. Similarly intrauterine insemination is a version of artificial insemination that tends to be more successful because sperm cells are placed further into the female reproductive tract, in the womb in fact, where they can more readily access the egg and hence are more likely to fertilise it. These treatments are only some of what are offered at London's The Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Barts and The London NHS Trust has built a reputation as a provider of excellent service through years of excellence in all of its endeavours. A fantastically well-equipped and staffed facility bearing all the modern technologies and conveniences that make the best treatment possible, the centre provides support at every step during your fertility investigations and treatments. Seeking care for infertility is by its very nature stressful and difficult, and at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine this is respected and your care is undertaken by professionals who are experienced in trying to make your care as convenient, straightforward, and efficient as possible. Infertile couples aren't the only ones who can benefit from the Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine's specialist expertise, single women and same sex couples are also welcome to make use of fertility treatments and begin their own families. Regardless of why you are seeking fertility treatment, you can be confident in a dedicated and personal service at the hands of a multidisciplinary team able to deliver a complete care offering. IVF and ICSI treatments at the centre are in line with national averages in terms of live births yielded from treatment cycles, and the proportion of single births is above the HFEA target.

Services offered at this clinic: Private and NHS patients treated, insemination, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), donor insemination, intrauterine insemination (IUI), stimulated DI, mild IVF, unstimulated DI, blastocyst transfer, unstimulated IUI, IVF and ICSI with donor sperm and eggs, IVF with donor embryos, donor recruitment, egg, embryo, and sperm storage, testicular tissue storage, counselling services, translator services available, sperm assessment, sperm washing, full surrogacy, tubal surgery, induction of ovulation, MESA, TESA, PESA, and treatment for patients with viral infections, HIV, and hepatitis