Bath Fertility Centre

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Bath Fertility Centre

Roman Way
Bath Business Park
Peasedown St John
Tel: 01761 43446

Clinic details: Bath is a city of great cultural and historical significance, picturesquely situated amongst beautiful green countryside and with its characteristic architecture and aesthetic, it provides a relaxing and idyllic location for treatment. The city is also conveniently located between a number of other nearby locations like Bristol, and is easily accessed by rail, bus, or car. The Bath Fertility Centre at the Royal United Hospital offers an opportunity to receive treatment in this wonderful location. Fertility investigations and treatments are always stressful and emotionally trying to say the least, but receiving your care in amiable surroundings and in expert hands goes a long way towards easing some of that anxiety. The centre offers the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities, including techniques like IVF, ICSI, and insemination using your genetic material or that of donors. Intrauterine and donor insemination can be performed with fertility drug stimulation and without, depending on your individual condition and whether or not you might benefit from such an approach.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: The Bath Fertility Centre can be found in Bath's prestigious Royal United Hospital Bath, and is a great source for investigations into and treatments of male and female infertility. The human reproductive system is complex, with many factors affecting our fertility and hence ability to conceive, which is why it's no surprise that so many couples in the UK experience some trouble conceiving a child at some point. If you find yourself struggling to get pregnant, it's important to know that there are care centres which can give you the attention and treatment you deserve to impeccable standards. Fortunately the Bath Fertility Centre is one of those, and ideally located within easy access of a number of major cities like Birmingham and Bristol, it is a great choice for anyone looking into infertility treatments. The centre caters to both private and NHS patients but aims to meet the needs of both equally with consultations provided within 5 weeks of referral, and treatments arranged shortly afterwards. Providing a selection of fertility treatments from artificial insemination through to the famous IVF and ICSI procedures, the centre is able to address individual and specific causes of infertility and provide you with the best available means to get pregnant. According to the HFEA's regular reviews of the centre's performance, the clinic's success rates are in line with national averages and its single birth rate is 10% higher than the HFEA target.

Services offered at this clinic: Private and NHS patients treated, insemination and donor insemination, IVF and ICSI, stimulated and unstimulated DI, stimulated and unstimulated intrauterine insemination, blastocyst transfer, ICSI and IVF with donor sperm, embryos, and eggs, egg and embryo donor recruitment, egg, embryo, and sperm storage, counselling services, ovulation monitoring, sperm assessment, PESA, TESA, MESA, sperm washing, surrogacy, and tubal surgery