Brentwood Fertility Centre

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Brentwood Fertility Centre

Brentwood Fertility Centre
The Essex Nuffield Hospital
Shenfield Road
CM15 8EH
Tel: 01277 695 680

Clinic details: Essex is home to the Brentwood Fertility Centre within The Essex Nuffield Hospital. Such a position renders the service easily accessible to anyone in the South East by car or train, and with the quality for which the Nuffield service is known so accessible, it's not surprising that the centre sees many patients come and go on a regular basis. Private treatments as offered by the Brentwood have many advantages over traditional NHS treatments, particularly in the lack of lengthy waiting lists and the limitations that local trusts can have on how many treatment cycles and what treatments are available. At the Brentwood the most highly sought after treatments are offered, including in vitro fertilisation and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection, known as IVF and ICSI respectively. These treatments are a great opportunity to many couples who have suffered due to their inability to conceive, and haven't had much success with other forms of treatments like artificial insemination (also on offer at the Brentwood). IVF treatments conducted by the Brentwood in women under the age of 35 are in line with the HFEA's national live birth average, indicating a nationally recognised standard of success for the treatment. Storage facilities are provided by the Brentwood as well, which can be invaluable for patients undergoing treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer as a common side effect of these is infertility.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Brentwood Fertility Centre is housed in a Nuffield Health hospital, part of a chain of private hospitals nationwide that provide an extremely reputable service for men and women of all walks of life looking to seek quick, efficient, and reliable treatments. The centre has held its license from the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority HFEA since 1998, and has had its license renewed as of January 2011 following a successful inspection. The HFEA is the government body responsible for ensuring that fertility treatment providers are adhering to high standards, and an HFEA license is a stamp of approval that should give you peace of mind in knowing that you will be in capable hands. The Brentwood team is headed by the consultants Mr Rahim Haloob and Mr Sataha Sathanandan, under whom a complete team composed of a patient services manager, scientific team, nursing team, counsellor, and nursing staff work together to cover every aspect of your care imaginable. Consultant clinics are available during weekday evenings and appointments can be arranged at your convenience. Nuffield facilities have a reputation for being top of the range and well looked after, and only the most experienced surgeons with an established reputation in their field base their private practise out of Nuffield sites, making the Brentwood a great choice for any and all fertility treatments you may be interested in.

Services offered at this clinic: Private patients only treated, blastocyst transfer, intrauterine stimulation (unstimulated and stimulated), mild in vitro fertilisation (IVF), insemination, stimulated donor insemination, IVF (with donor sperm and eggs if necessary), ICSI (with donor eggs and sperm if necessary), donors recruited for the treatment of other patients, testicular tissue stored (for cancer patients as well), sperm and embryo storage, patient open days, counselling services, translating services, PESA and TESA sperm retrieval, cycle monitoring, sperm assessment, sperm washing, induction of ovulation