Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility

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Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility

Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility
Jessop Wing
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Tree Root Walk
S10 2SF
Tel: 0114 226 8050

Clinic details: The Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility's Sheffield Assisted Conception Unit can be found near the centre of Sheffield, which in turn is within easy access of much of the North East with regular trains and busses coming in from across the region. Assisted reproduction technologies are on offer to excellent standards, ensuring that should you choose to come to this ACU for treatment you will find yourself in able hands. Both private and NHS patients have access to the facility's insemination treatments, often a first step down the route of assisted conception. Insemination is relatively cost effective and can offer a great deal of success, particularly where the cause of infertility is either unknown or related to male impotence or premature or retrograde ejaculation. Insemination can achieve good results for many couples, but where it doesn't this ACU offers alternatives in the form of IVF and ICSI, two treatments that have proven to be remarkably effective in providing patients who have been struggling to conceive by natural and artificial means without success. IVF and ICSI both involve fertilising an egg in a laboratory setting to achieve conception and, after implantation, a live birth. Where IVF and ICSI differ is that while in IVF sperm and egg cells are introduced by placing the two on a petri dish (a specialist glass container), ICSI requires a single sperm cell to be directly injected into an egg cell.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: The Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility in Sheffield runs a fully accredited Assisted Conception Unit from which excellent treatments and care in the field of reproductive medicine are readily available. The ACU is completely NHS managed and run, meaning that if you are in the market for great quality care and treatments from the NHS, there are few centres that can top the ACU at Sheffield. The centre is completely purpose built and kitted out with the latest equipment and staff with professional expertise in the field in which they work. The environment is kept stress free, friendly, and comfortable to ensure that your treatment is conducted as swiftly and easily as possible. Infertility is always a difficult prospect to face, and so its treatment at the Centre for reproductive Medicine and Fertility in Sheffield is kept as stress free as possible to ensure a swift recovery. The service is consultant led by individuals who have gone through the rigorous specialist training necessary to become a consultant within the NHS. Working under these consultants is a team of diverse professionals who work in concert to provide the best care experience possible. The latest assisted conception methods are available, and these are in line with national averages as reported by the government's regulatory body, the Human Embryology and Fertility Authority HFEA. The Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility in Sheffield was in fact the facility responsible for pioneering a unique drug treatment based on the use of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone GnRH antagonist and one involving low doses of fertility stimulating hormone FSH which was developed as a patient friendly IVF protocol.

Services offered at this clinic: Private and NHS patients are treated, donor insemination, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), insemination, in vitro fertilisation, recruits sperm and egg donors, donors recruited for treatment purposes, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), translator services, counselling services, partial surrogacy, sperm retrieval by PESA and TESA, ovulation induction, ovulation cycle monitoring, sperm assessment