CRM London

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CRM London

CRM London
Park Lorne
111 Park Road
Tel: 0207 616 6767

Clinic details: CRM London provide the depth of service that you can expect from a premium provider of care in the heart of the nation's capital. A full suite of investigate procedures are the first step in your treatment, and will involve blood tests, semen analysis, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy as diagnostic procedures to determine the causes of your infertility if possible. You will be kept informed of findings every step of the way, and can be confident in the fact that your care is in superb hands. After determining the cause of infertility if possible (on average 33% of cases of infertility can't be identified), a discussion with your doctor will ascertain which treatment options are best suited to your condition. With so many of the latest and most effective procedures available at CRM London, there are bound to be options that work well for you and your body. Artificial insemination treatments are often a first port of call, and are available as the extremely effective intrauterine insemination method or through the application of donor sperm, and both treatment options can be performed with or without fertility drugs as best suits your needs. The latest assisted reproductive technologies are provided through IVF and ICSI, two protocols that have revolutionised the world of fertility treatment by providing a means by which sperm may fertilise an egg in a controlled laboratory environment. The resulting embryos are transferred into the womb where they can implant and develop and grow as normal and healthy babies. ICSI is a slight variation that involves the direct insertion of sperm into an egg cell for fertilisation, and is an effective option where male sperm are of poor quality or provided in small numbers. Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is used to make sure that only the healthiest embryos make their way into the womb, saving you the unpleasant emotional distress of a miscarriage. The latest data for CRM London (from the HFEA) on the number of live births achieved per treatment cycle of IVF indicates an impressive 41% live birth rate for under 35s compared to a UK average of 33%.
London is internationally recognised as the social, financial, and scientific hub of the UK. With a thriving and richly diverse population of well over 4 million people, the need for excellent specialist healthcare in London is a significant one. CRM London is a specialist IVF and Fertility Clinic delivering fertility treatments in a dedicated facility replete with cutting edge technologies and skilled staff. Fertility being the complex system that it is, a specialist centre like CRM can bring a depth of knowledge and experience that is vital to delivering truly excellent and specialised patient care. The clinic itself is ISO certified and carries an HFEA license, indicating the standards to which CRM abides by. The clinic has recently undergone an expansion to develop the facilities provided, and you the centre as a whole is designed to be a friendly and calming environment for treatment and recovery, as well as one in which your privacy is a priority. Compared to 9 leading competitors in the field, CRM is in fact in the top 2 in terms of clinical pregnancy rates seen across different age groups. The entire facility has been designed to optimise patient health, for instance a state of the art air filtration system purifies the environment within labs involved in your treatment, and similarly all the materials used to construct the site's laboratories have been chosen for their safety and low emissions, all to create the best possible environment for IVF and the treatment of your eggs. CRM London can boast the shortest waiting list in the country for patients looking for donor eggs, and is able to arrange a suitable UK donor within 6 months in most cases, and more significantly the clinic reports that about 60% of their patients receiving donor eggs achieve pregnancy during their first treatment cycle. Rather than impersonal open evenings, CRM London believes in a personal approach and so arranges a completely free and obligation free chat with a specialist nurse who will take you around the facility and provide you with any and all information you need about the clinic and the treatments you are looking to receive. All in all CRM London embodies everything a state of the art treatment facility should be, and comes complete with technologies and treatments that ensure quality and personalised care for each and every patient under their roof.

Services offered at this clinic: Assisted hatching, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), treatment of NHS and private patients, stimulated and unstimulated donor insemination, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), mild and natural IVF, stimulated and unstimulated intrauterine insemination (IUI), blastocyst transfer, ICSI with donor eggs and sperm, IVF with donor eggs and sperm, egg donors recruited for treatment, preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), egg, embryo, and sperm storage, storage for oncology patients (testicular tissue, eggs, embryos), counselling services (dedicated counsellor), translator services, informal visits and clinic tours under a fertility nurse), sperm retrieval (MESA, TESA, PESA), sperm washing, full surrogacy