Guys Hospital

There are various types of fertility treatments and the contact telephone number and address for Guys Hospital, can be found below.

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Guys Hospital

Guys Hospital
Assisted Conception Unit, 11th Floor
Guy's Hospital
St Thomas Street
Tel: 0207 188 2300

Clinic details: London is the nation's capital in many different respects, including the service, commercial, and retail sectors, and as such is the home of many quality services like those provided by Guy's Hospital. Of these fertility treatments like the remarkable ICSI and IVF procedures are available, as well as the opportunity to donate eggs and sperm to couples in need, and many other treatments that give couples struggling to conceive a chance to do so.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Guy's Hospital is one of the most reputable in London and indeed the UK as a whole, and the assisted conception unit at the hospital is one of the leading departments of its kind with an international reputation in the field of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and other assisted reproduction techniques. The team providing the service is made up of experts in the field, be they scientists, consultants, or nurses, and the experience that such a specialised multi-disciplinary group can bring to your treatments can translate into excellent results.
Services offered at the clinic: Private and NHS patients treated, artificial insemination by IUI, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), egg donors recruited, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), patient evenings, counselling services, patient support groups, dedicated counsellor, tubal surgery, percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration, tubal surgery, monitoring of ovulation cycle, partial surrogacy, testicular sperm aspiration, treatments for patients with IVF and hepatitis A and B