Hartlepool General Hospital

There are various types of fertility treatments and the contact telephone number and address for Hartlepool General Hospital, can be found below.

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Hartlepool General Hospital

Hartlepool General Hospital
The Cameron Unit
University Hospital of Hartlepool
Holdsforth Road
TS24 9AH
Tel: 01429 522 866

Clinic details: Hartlepool can be found on the coast of County Durham where it serves both as a port and town. Over 1300 years old, Hartlepool has grown from village to harbour and port in its long history. Hartlepool has enjoyed prosperity and a real cultural and historical significance along its wonderful seaside location, and is both a great place to live and visit. Hartlepool General Hospital provides an assisted conception service to both private and NHS patients up to and over the age of 44 provided they are under a BMI of 29. NHS funded patients are, due to restrictions from the local PCT, limited to 3 IVF cycles. Despite these limitations the centre has been able to achieve live birth rates consistent with the national averages reported by the government's regulatory authority, he HFEA. As of 2009 79 IVF cycles had been treated using IVF, and 74 using ICSI compared to 146 IUI and 6 donor insemination treatment cycles. IUI treatments are an important element of the overall care provided by Hartlepool General, and this technique makes use of a semen sample inserted into the uterus.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: As part of the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust, the Hartlepool General Hospital has managed to exceed waiting list targets and manages to get as many as 90% of its patients within 18 weeks of their referral. This feat embodies the trust's belief in delivering care efficiently and quickly to provide the best service possible to the population of Hartlepool. The hospital is particularly known for providing nourishing and delicious meals in contradiction of the poor reputation hospital food bears. The hospital provides specialist services like gynaecology, cardiology, orthopaedics, and many more, including an Assisted Reputation Unit that can provide all the best treatments for couples facing the trials and tribulations of infertility. Struggling to conceive is inherently a stressful process, and while assisted reproduction technologies can provide you with hope, fertility treatments can take some time. The Hartlepool General Hospital ACU staff recognise the need for emotional and personal support when you are facing infertility and its treatment, and as such gives you access to support through a dedicated counselling service. The ACU is run by two consultants and a specialist, all experts in the field with the experience you need to feel confident that you are in safe hands. The medical element is supplemented by two scientific members of the team, embryologists with many years' experience and expertise. Finally a qualified team of nurses provide you with the personal care and attention which can make the whole process so much more bearable and can increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.