Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

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Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
Solihull Hospital
Lode Lane
B91 2JL
Tel: 0121 424 0727

Clinic details: The West Midlands is a populous and industrious region which is home to many busy cities and towns in and around Birmingham. Solihull is one of these ad likes about 15 km from Birmingham's city centre, and the town itself has a population of 94,753 in a borough of 200,400 people. The city maintains a historic visage with streets lined with classic Victorian town houses, and boasts a thriving population that continues to grow. Solihull Hospital is the part of the Heart of England Foundation Trust that delivers treatment to the area, and these treatments include an artificial insemination option for couples struggling with their fertility. In many instances artificial insemination is an extremely effective option for treatment, granting couple an opportunity to conceive where a male partner suffers from ejaculatory disorders (retrograde or premature ejaculation for example) or impotence.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Solihull Hospital is part of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, one of the country's biggest and most industrious foundation trusts that can boast over 10,000 employees in facilities in East Birmingham, Tamworth, South Staffordshire, Solihull, and Tamworth. Despite its size the trust delivers local and community orientated services aiming to meet the needs of its patients on a personal level. Smaller units spread across the region allow the elderly and ill to be treated near or at home where possible. The Heart of England Trust as a whole owns two HFEA licenses which are used by its 3 hospitals, and the Solihull Hospital shares its license with Birmingham's Heartlands hospital. Miss Elizabeth Payne and Dr Spyros Papaioannou are the Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologists heading the Solihull Hospital fertility service which encompasses both fertility investigations and treatments. Investigations are performed at the hospital upon referral, and couples are advised to attend together as it is equally likely that either one be the source of the infertility. Although individual situations will vary, typically speaking investigations will begin with a test of the fallopian tubes to determine their health. The fallopian tubes are often a cause of female infertility as damage in these tubes disrupts the natural movement of eggs. Your uterus will often be examined next using a simple test called a diagnostic hysteroscopy, followed by blood tests to investigate the levels of hormones that affect fertility. An ultrasound of the pelvis can indicate damage from infections and is often performed as well. For men semen is analysed to assess the quality of sperm, their motility, and their number. If you are found to suffer from subfertility then you will be recommended to a specialist subfertility clinic at Good Hope, but otherwise infertility can be treated at Solihull Hospital which is equipped to be able to provide you with treatment in the form of artificial insemination.

Services offered at this clinic: Insemination (no others listed)