Herts and Essex Fertility Centre

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Herts and Essex Fertility Centre

Herts and Essex Fertility Centre
Bishop's College
Tel: 01992 785 060

Clinic details: The Hertfordshire and Essex Fertility Centre can offer you a comprehensive range of treatments including a number of cutting edge protocols that are part of their extremely high success rates. The first step in your treatment will be a preliminary consultation in which your condition and medical history will be discussed in detail, you will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about fertility treatments and assisted reproduction. A semen analysis is part of this initial stage, and based on all the information to hand your options will be discussed. One of the trademark and premiere services offered by the Herts and Essex Fertility Centre is their blastocyst transfer offering which is recognised nationally as an excellent treatment with great results. A blastocyst is a roughly five day old embryo, and while other facilities often use younger embryos, a blastocyst is in fact 3 times more likely to successfully implant. That means a success rate of 60% compared to 20% using a traditional egg implantation method. It is generally thought blastocysts are so successful in this respect because embryos that get to that stage are in better shape than their peers. This blastocyst transfer technique has been adjusted to meet the HFEA's targets for single births. Multiple births are considered one of the biggest risks of assisted reproduction because of the potential dangers to mother and child. The Herts and Essex Fertility Centre only implant one blastocyst every treatment to achieve single pregnancies at a much higher rate than conventional IVF. This has been proven to be extremely successful in certain patient groups, particularly those under 37 years of age. Frozen embryo storage is offered by the centre, saving the need for multiple cycles of fertility drug treatments to induce ovulation.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Herts and Essex Fertility Centre has the unique privilege of reporting the highest IVF and ICSI success rate in the East of England, with a 49.5% chance of a live birth for patients under 38 years underoing their first cycle of treatment. Such a remarkable feat is evidence of the clinic's quality of care and dedication to service. The clinic first opened its doors as the Essex Fertility Centre in 1989, and so has a history of over 20 years' worth of pioneering and excellent service in the field of fertility care. The facility and staff are all relaxed and engaging, wielding a confident professionalism in a calming manner which can be a great relief to couples dealing with the mental burdens of infertility. The facility's medical director is Mr Michael Ah-Moye who is responsible for founding the clinic in the first place brings an enormous base of experience and expertise to the practice. He is assisted by his able colleague Dr David Ogutu, a consultant gynaecologist and fertility specialist who has practiced reproductive medicine across the length and breadth of the country. With almost 4,000 babies delivered by the Herts and Essex Fertility Centre, the centre and its team can offer a lot of experience in their field, particularly as they have been helping couples deliver babies since 1989. The centre electronically tags embryos and provides you with your own incubator, all to ensure the safety and efficiency of the treatment process and so you can be confident and comfortable in that every step has been taken to avoid mishaps. The centre's egg share programme means that all egg donors can receive a free treatment cycle, and remarkably figures from the programme in 2009 reported that 62.5% of recipients became pregnant as well as 54% of donors.

Services offered at this clinic: Private and NHS patients treated, donor insemination, blastocyst transfer, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), sperm and egg donor recruitment, recruitment for the treatment of others, translator services, patient open evenings, translator services, sperm assessment, monitoring ovulation cycle, sperm washing, IVF for those who suffer from viral illnesses, ovulation induction, sperm retrieval PESA and TESA, treatments for patients with hepatitis, and full surrogacy