Hexham General Hospital

There are various types of fertility treatments and the contact telephone number and address for Hexham General Hospital, can be found below.

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Hexham General Hospital

Hexham General Hospital
Hathor Unit
Hexham General Hospital
Corbridge Road
NE46 1QJ
Tel: 01434 655360

Clinic details: Hexham is a Northumbrian town with a history as a market town built around a monastery dating back to 674. Hexham Abbey is the town's dominant feature dating back to about 1200 AD, and is a remarkable architectural structure that defines Hexham's classic aesthetic. The town is made easily accessible by the Tyne Valley Line which links Carlisle and Newcastle, and a number of roads running through the are also make it accessible by car. Hexham General Hospital can provide a certain class of infertility treatments for patients referred by their GPs for such care. These are insemination treatments that are often used where the cause of infertility is undetermined or where male infertility stems from an ejaculatory issue like retrograde or premature ejaculation, or impotence. Intrauterine insemination is practiced at Hexham General Hospital, a relatively simple procedure which involves first taking a sperm sample from a male partner (or a donor but at Hexham from a male partner) and preparing it for insertion into the female uterus. The female body is often prepared through the use of what are called fertility drugs, hormones and hormone agonists which stimulate the production and release of eggs into the uterus, where a sperm sample placed therein through IUI can fertilise an egg. Once an egg is fertilised through IUI, pregnancy is achieved and can carry on through to full term. This service is available at Hexham General Hospital and can be immensely useful if you have been unable to conceive for a couple of years.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Northumbria's Hexham General Hospital is an NHS hospital located near the town of Hexam. The hospital offers a number of different departments including general medicine, cancer services, cardiology, gynaecology, vascular surgery, and many more. The Hexham General Hospital also provides up to 3 NHS funded cycles of intrauterine insemination for couples struggling to conceive provided they have a BMI of under 30.

Services offered at this clinic: Insemination, treatment of private and NHS patients, stimulated and unstimulated intrauterine insemination, translator and counselling services, ovulation induction, tubal surgery