Hull IVF Unit

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Hull IVF Unit

The Women and Children's Hospital,
Hull Royal Infirmary,
Anlaby Rd,
Hull HU3 2JZ, UK.
Tel: +44 1482 382648

Clinic details: Hull is a well-known city in East Yorkshire that is actually more properly called Kingston Upon Hull. It has however been abbreviated to 'Hull' to the extent that few people know its actual name! The city was one of those hardest hit by the second world war, but in more recent years extensive rebuilding and refurbishment schemes have fuelled its growth. The Hull IVF Unit doesn't just offer IVF, but in fact provides a range of different treatments to cater for the needs of a diverse population, including a selection of fertility tests which assess whether or not you are infertile and what the source of any problems might be. A fertility assessment like this can be invaluable in determining what your options are and what your next steps should be. In addition to investigations into an existing fertility issue, the unit also offers a check-up service for couples beginning to try and get pregnant and anyone else looking for the peace of mind that comes with being comfortable confident in your health. Surgical sperm retrieval is one of the treatments offered out of the unit, and is used where male infertility because of a lack of sperm in ejaculated semen is established as the cause of infertility. Sperm are stored in a structure in the testicles called the epididymis, and surgical sperm retrieval is a solution where this structure is blocked, allowing your doctor to extract otherwise healthy sperm for future treatments. Two methods of sperm retrieval are practiced at the unit, and these are TESA and PESA (testicular sperm extraction and percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration respectively). Sperm extracted in this manner can be used for the centre's ICSI, IUI, and IVF procedures. IUI is a form of artificial insemination which involves the insertion of sperm into the womb, hence its name 'intrauterine insemination'. IVF and ICSI are similar versions of a remarkable assisted reproduction technology that has changed the lives of couples across the world. IVF takes sperm and eggs extracted from a couple, and gives them the opportunity to interact in a lab environment away from the complex physiology of the human body where something has gone wrong to result in infertility. ICSI is a version of IVF that relieves sperm cells of the difficult task of making it to an egg, penetrating its external layers, and fertilising it. The technique is described by the name, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection, where sperm are directly injected into the egg cell giving a much better chance of a successful fertilisation.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Hull in east Yorkshire is home to the area's only specialist fertility centre, The Hull IVF Unit. As a dedicated fertility unit, the staff at the unit are all experienced in working together as a multidisciplinary team to achieve great results. Having been in operation since 1988, the unit has established itself as one of Yorkshire's go to healthcare units, and is a great choice for any couples suffering from infertility. Over 300 IVF cycles are performed at the unit every year, and success rates remain high and consistent with the HFEA's national live birth average. The objectives of the Hull IVF Unit remain simple, namely to provide a safe service which is both professional and personal for patient wellbeing. You can expect to be involved throughout any decision making and at every treatment phase your opinion will be considered and your welfare made the top priority. Your happiness is a key priority, and staff at the unit know that caring treatment is more than just medical. Originally the unit was located at Hull's Princess Royal Hospital, however since November 2003 it has been based at a purpose specific site, the Women and Children's Hospital right in the middle of Hull by the Hull Royal Infirmary. From this new location a classically excellent service makes use of the latest technologies and a more accessible location to provide better than ever patient care. The Women and Children's Hospital offers services which are compatible with fertility like a gynaecology department, and the unit's proximity to such facilities completes the care provision by making relevant services easily accessible. The Hull IVF Unit offers its services to patients both NHS and privately funded who meet the required BMI limit 35 for privately funded patients otherwise 30 and who are even as old as above 44 years of age. There is no limit to the number of treatment cycles provided, whether IVF, IUI, or DI, however the local primary care trust will assess the case after 4 IVF cycles or after 3 insemination cycles.

Services offered at this clinic: NHS and private patients treated, IVF (in vitro fertilisation), sperm donors recruited, blastocyst transfer, unstimulated intrauterine insemination, egg donors recruited, stimulated intrauterine insemination, embryo donors recruited, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), stimulated donor insemination, counselling services, gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT), mild and natural IVF, ICSI and IVF with donor sperm, eggs, and embryos, GIFT with donor sperm and eggs, patient open evenings, ovulation cycle monitoring, translator services upon request, embryo and sperm storage, storage for cancer patients (embryos and sperm), patients with HepA treated, partial and full surrogacy, induction of ovulation, sperm assessment, donor insemination and GIFT treatments for those with viral infection, surgical sperm retrieval