IVF Scotland

There are various types of fertility treatments and the contact telephone number and address for IVF Scotland, can be found below.

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IVF Scotland

IVF Scotland
Spire Shawfair Park Hospital
Easter Shawfair
EH22 1FF
Tel: 0131 654 5680

Clinic details: Edinburgh is a popular tourist attraction because of its rich history and wonderfully unique aesthetic. Few cities can command the presence that Edinburgh has, with its castle overlooking cobbled streets steeped in history and culture. IVF Scotland could scarcely find a site better suited to its purposes than Edinburgh, and out of the city IVF Scotland provides a number of treatments to suit individuals and couples facing the unpleasantness of infertility. Stimulated IUI is one of the treatments on offer, and this involves the use of fertility drugs to induce a process called ovulation during which eggs are released into the womb. Once there, the procedure itself, intrauterine insemination, can be performed, during which sperm are introduced into the womb to fertilise the newly released egg. Donor sperm are available for artificial insemination as well should that option be appropriate for you, and your doctor will be able to discuss the pros and cons of using donated sperm with you. IVF is offered with and without intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and it is IVF from which the centre derives its name. Assisted reproduction is probably most often associated with IVF, a protocol which has become indispensible to fertility clinics worldwide. Eggs and sperm are extracted from the patients involved and used in a laboratory to achieve fertilisation and a successful pregnancy. ICSI used through IVF basically injects one sperm cell into an egg, removing the need for said sperm cell to travel and penetrate the egg. Recurrent miscarriages are an extremely unpleasant experience for parents, and as such IVF Scotland runs a recurrent miscarriage clinic to help couples through it and work out what's going on to prevent it from happening in the future.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: IVF Scotland is run as a unit from Spire Shawfair Park Hospital, and provides the only private dedicated fertility centre on the East Coast of Scotland. The word used to describe the approach to treatment at Spire Shawfair Park is 'bespoke' as the service provided is designed to be completely individual to you and to help you achieve your personal fertility goals. As a private facility only the latest and most advanced technologies are used to yield the best results for their patients. An expert consultant led service is provided with regular treatments available for couples, single women, and same sex couples. There are plenty of options and more made available for anyone seeking IVF Scotland's service, and as a facility bearing an HFEA license you can rest in comfort knowing that IVF Scotland is under independent regulation to ensure impeccable standards. The hospital itself is made comfortable to accommodate patients who need to stay for a while to ensure a relaxed recovery from any treatments received. You can expect a richly skilled and diverse multidisciplinary group to provide you with personalised care, and you are guaranteed at least one if not two embryologists assigned to your care. IVF Scotland follows this approach as involved clinicians and scientists understand your care and needs in depth and can as such respond to those needs much better. IVF Scotland belongs to a network of private fertility centres run by Spire, a leading figure in the world of private healthcare. Spire Fertility can boast an extremely well known Harley Street London Fertility Centre which brings over 20 years of quality fertility expertise to the Spire network. If there are specialist treatments which aren't available at IVF Scotland, then access to the Spire Fertility network means that such treatments can be arranged elsewhere at your convenience.

Services offered at this clinic: Full and partial surrogate, sperm washing, induction of ovulation, sperm assessment, surgical sperm retrieval (TESA and MESA), monitoring ovulation cycle, translator services available, support group and counselling services, egg storage for oncology patients, egg, sperm, and embryo storage, sperm storage for cancer patients, blastocyst transfer, intrauterine insemination (stimulated), donor unstimulated and stimulated insemination, ICSI and IVF donor sperm and eggs, sperm donor recruitment, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), private patients treated, ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection)