London Women's Clinic - Cardiff

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London Women's Clinic - Cardiff

The London Women's Clinic, Cardiff
15 Windsor Place
CF10 3BY
United Kingdom
Tel: 02920 236 301
Fax: 02920 229 561

Clinic details: Cardiff is easily the most well-known Welsh city, and with good reason. A large city with a suitably large population, Cardiff is home to a number of different popular tourist sites, reputable sports teams, Welsh companies, and countless other services and amenities that have put it on the economic and social map both in and out of Wales. It is no surprise then that a centre of reproductive medicine as well-known as the London Women's Clinic would choose to open and operate a centre within Cardiff to service communities in the South of Wales and Southwest of England. The Cardiff clinic specialises in the provision of insemination treatments, a successful and cost efficient fertility treatment which is superb in its simplicity and effectiveness. As sperm and egg donors are recruited at the centre, couples have the option of using donor materials for a technique called donor insemination. This involves the use of donor sperm (in most cases) where male sperm are unavailable or where, for example, a male partner suffers from an inherited illness that the couple don't want to pass down to their child. The ins and outs of donor insemination, as well as its legal implications, will be discussed in depth prior to any treatment, and counselling and support groups are available to help you make that decision to the best of your ability. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the main method by which couples are made pregnant at the Cardiff clinic, and this technique has been proven to be the most effective method of artificial insemination. It can be performed with or without the use of fertility drugs designed to stimulate female ovulation and the release of eggs, which has the advantage of increasing the chances of a successful fertilisation, but the disadvantage of carrying with it the risk of side effects like ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. IUI would basically involve a sperm sample being taken from a male partner and placed into the uterus, more commonly known as the womb, where said sperm will migrate to and fertilise the eggs present. IUI is a solution to many fertility issues be they unknown or If, for example, a male partner suffers from erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: The London Women's Clinic is a reputable provider of reproductive services in the UK, with a number of clinics andSatellite centres that work together to provide quality services across the country. As Cardiff is the centre of Wales and has excellent transport links to much of Wales and the Southwest of England, it is an ideal location for a purpose built arm of the London Women's Clinic. The Cardiff team is a provider of a number of different services all from an environment designed to encourage relaxation, comfort, and confidence. The clinic pursues the ideals and aims that have carved out the London Women's Clinic's reputation in the field, a dedication to quality patient care at all times and the pursuit of a healthy pregnancy safely, effectively, and swiftly to spare you and your partner the distress and anxiety that is often part and parcel of dealing with infertility. The psychological aspect of infertility is significant as it is a particularly difficult concept and condition to face, and as such counselling and support services are at your beck and call at the clinic, and other staff are all sensitive to your condition and what it entails. The Cardiff clinic offers its services to private patients up to and over the age of 44 provided they have a BMI under 35. In some individual cases patients with a BMI over 35 will be considered, but this would depend on a number of different factors and the personal opinion of the doctor involved. The number of insemination cycles offered would be limited to 3-6 to achieve the best possible results, after which alternative techniques and methods would need to be considered. The London Women's Clinic are committed to patient care and the best chances of a successful of pregnancy in all of its branches, and the Cardiff centre is no exception.

Services offered at this clinic: Private patients treated, donor unstimulated insemination, intrauterine insemination (both stimulated and unstimulated), egg donors and embryo donors recruited, sperm storage, ovulation monitoring, counselling services, open evenings, translator services, induction of ovulation, sperm washing, partial and full surrogacy, sperm assessment