London Women's Clinic - Swansea

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The London Women’s Clinic, Swansea

Kings Road
Tel: 01792 644918
Fax: 01792 241833
E-mail: [email protected]

Clinic details: Swansea is one of Wales' better known city, lying on the coast and on the boundaries of Glamorgan county. The region is sandy with plenty of beaches and a commanding view of the seaside, and Swansea is the second most heavily populated city in Wales, with Cardiff being the first. Swansea's history and much of its industry in the past was built on the copper industry, and Swansea was in fact one of the most important centres for the copper trade in the entire world. Swansea remains a thriving commercial city in many respects, and provides its citizens and outlying communities with many modern services and amenities. Private and NHS patients are both treated at the London Women's Clinic in Swansea provided that they meet the NHS BMI limit of 30 (not applicable to private patients). Patients over the age of 44 can be treated, and NHS patients are limited to 2 IVF and 3 insemination cycles. Donor insemination is offered to patients who are either single women, same sex couples, or heterosexual couples where male sperm is not suitable whether because of infertility or hereditary illness. Egg donors are actively recruited at the clinic to supplement its IVF and ICSI treatments, both extremely reputable and well known techniques practiced by the London Women's Centre to great effect. The HFEA licenses and monitors treatments from the clinic, and reports on their successes to give patients to be an idea of what to expect and what their performance is like. In 2009 the Swansea Clinic performed 260 IVF cycles and 288 ICSI cycles, both in line and consistent with the HFEA's reported national average success rates, which is to say live births from treatment cycles. The clinic also performed 53 donor and 30 intrauterine insemination cycles to great effect. All of these treatments were performed with the same attention to detail and personal care that defines the London Women's Clinic approach to patient care and treatment.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: The Swansea Clinic is a provider of different fertility services, allowing it to cater to the needs of a mixed and diverse population within and around the city. The Swansea clinic isn't so different from its parent site of the London Women's Clinic in London in that it operates on the same fundamental ethos, placing patient care above all else with the one aim of reproductive medicine in mind, getting you pregnant. For many couples pregnancy is a lifelong dream, and when confronted with the prospect of infertility that dream might seem like it's in jeopardy. Fortunately advancements in the last 25 odd years have made it more and more likely for couples to get pregnant and fulfil their aims of having a family. The London Women's Clinic has been in the forefront of reproductive medicine since its foundation in the '80s, and has over its many years of service to patients from all walks of life earned a reputation for excellent service, commitment to patient care, and success. It is these qualities that are on offer at the Swansea Clinic, making it an excellent prospect if you are looking for infertility treatments. The clinic itself possesses purpose built rooms for consultation and treatment, what that means is that when you arrive at the clinic undoubtedly nervous about your appointment you won't face the grim colours and furnishings of many hospitals that only serve to make you feel worse. Instead you will find yourself in comforting surroundings and faced with friendly staff whose expertise and sensitivity will do nothing less than make you feel comforted by the quality of care and treatment on offer.

Services offered at this clinic: Private and NHS patients treated, donor insemination, patients with hepatitis B treated, sperm washing, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), partial surrogacy, surgical sperm retrieval through PESA, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), ovulation cycle monitoring, counselling services, translator services and treatments in Welsh, open evenings, egg donors recruited, preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)