North Middlesex University Hospital (Reproductive Medicines Unit)

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North Middlesex University Hospital (Reproductive Medicines Unit)

North Middlesex University Hospital (Reproductive Medicines Unit)
Sterling Way
N18 1QX
Tel: 020 8887 2000

Clinic details: The hospital is situated between two of the 32 London boroughs, and in fact provides its services to many more because of its convenient location a short 12 miles away from the centre of the nation's capital. The hospital provides the investigative services necessary to determine the cause of infertility if possible. About a third of infertility causes are male factor, and another third are female factor, while the rest remain unknown, so in-depth examinations are made of both male and female partners at the unit. These will include blood tests to determine hormone levels important for maintaining female fertility in particular, as well as tests to distinguish blockages or damage to the internal structure of the reproductive system. Men will have their semen analysed and their sperm will be examined for signs of good motility, morphology, and number. When investigations are complete your consultant will go through your treatment options with you, and the centre will be able to offer you surgical treatments and/or artificial insemination will it help. Artificial insemination is performed by way of the intrauterine technique, and fertility drugs are available to induce ovulation (egg maturation and release) to improve the chances of a successful IUI cycle. IUI is extremely effective as an artificial insemination technique as sperm are placed within the womb within easy access of eggs after ovulation. This means that while in other methods of insemination, like intra-cervical insemination, sperm cells have a long distance to cover, in IUI this distance is kept to a minimum thereby improving chances of fertilisation. The main surgical offering available is tubal surgery which aims to correct blockages of the fallopian tubes, structures which link the ovaries to the uterus and allow for the transport of eggs into the uterus. The cause of many cases of female factor infertility is a fallopian blockage, and so this surgery is remarkably effective and convenient for many couples, able to deliver great results simply and efficiently. Surgical treatment of endometriosis, a condition where the lining of the womb called the endometrium grows into the fallopian tubes and other parts of the female anatomy, and fibroids are also performed by the hospital.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: North Middlesex University Hospital is an acute general hospital that provides its services to Enfield and Haringey through a location in Edmonton, placing it on the boundary between these two London Boroughs in an ideal position to receive treatment from both services. The community served by the hospital is around 250,000 strong, and is diverse and varied in the typical manner of London Boroughs, with many different cultures and nations meeting and relying on the facilities of North Middlesex University Hospital. The University Hospital is in fact one of London's busiest acute centres, and is housed within a large facility equipped with the modern technologies and equipment needed to provide an efficient acute care service to a large population. The hospital is only 12 miles from London's busy city centre, and is well connected to both the centre and surrounding boroughs by a network of trains and busses. Specialist departments are available at the hospital and range from stroke services and cardiology to fertility and sleep studies. A diverse range of specialties is needed to meet the needs of such a varied community, and the hospital can also boast one of the busiest accident and emergency departments in an already teeming city, which sees about 150,000 patients and yet, despite the volume of patients, manages to do within the 4 hour timeline set as a target by the NHS. The hospital is also known for an environmentally friendly approach to running the many on-site facilities. One of the specialist departments run by the North Middlesex University Hospital is a fertility unit licensed and accredited by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. This service has in fact recently been subject to refurbishments and enhancements that arm it with the latest technologies necessary for great treatments and successful pregnancies. The consultants leading the team responsible for care at the hospital are Mr Okolo and Miss Al-Habib, professionals with the background, experience, and skills necessary to become NHS consultants.

Services offered at this clinic: Stimulated intra-uterine insemination, tubal surgery, investigative procedures, surgical treatment of endometriosis and fibroids