Origin Fertility Centre

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Origin Fertility Centre

Origin Fertility Centre
380 Belmont Road
Northern Ireland
Tel: 02890 761 713

Clinic details: Origin Fertility is based in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Belfast also happens to be the second largest city on the island, and has been a centre of Irish commerce since the 19th century when linen, tobacco, and ships were the major exports of what was also known as 'Linenopolis'. Perhaps Belfast's most famous product was the RMS Titanic, the historic ship that inspired one of the largest grossing films in the history of cinema. Today Belfast is also a cultural and artistic hub, drawing tourists and many others to enjoy the beauty of the Irish Island within a modern and friendly city full of activity. Origin Fertility aims to cater to the needs of the local population through the provision of many and varied fertility treatments and investigations. Tests for AMH (anti-mullerian hormone is an important test within the centre, monitoring the hormone which is produced by the structure holding an egg, the follicle, which can tell doctors a lot about how ovaries are reacting to the use of fertility drugs. Semen analysis is the investigation of choice into male fertility, and Origin's expert andrologists will use a state of the art lab to look into the shape and function of your sperm to determine how that is affecting your fertility. For some women drug based ovulation induction is treatment enough, more specifically where women aren't ovulating when they should, if at all. Ovulation induction is also a preliminary step to intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilisation (IVF), and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) as it gets egg produced as necessary for such treatments. IUI is often used at Origin where the cause of infertility has not been determined as it is quick, efficient, painless, and often effective. IVF is essentially the practice of fertilising an egg outside your body within a highly specialised glass petri dish. A sperm sample generated by your partner on the day of treatment is placed within this tube along with some eggs all within a special medium (substance) which encourages fertilisation. Once fertilised the newly formed embryos are taken and grown until they are suitable for transfer to the womb. ICSI is an IVF method but involving a direct injection of sperm into an egg. IVF and ICSI at Origin can be performed with blastocyst transfer, a technique in which embryos are allowed to mature outside the body for a couple of days longer than usual before transfer into the uterus. This technique has been shown to be extremely effective at improving the chances of implantation, particularly where single embryos are being implanted. Sometimes male factor infertility is caused by damage or deformity in the tubes that transport and develop sperm in the testes, resulting in a distinct lack of sperm in ejaculated semen. Where this is the case a surgical sperm recovery procedure can obtain sperm for an IVF or ICSI procedure. Assisted hatching is also provided by Origin Fertility, and involves helping an egg break through its natural protective layer called the zona pellucida. For some women this shell like structure is tougher than others, and needs to be weakened by way of a minute break before an embryo can successfully implant in the womb. Finally the services provided by Origin Fertility extends to the provision of a comprehensive sperm and egg storage and donor programme for anyone looking to make use of either of these facilities.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Origin Fertility care is a highly sought after service, with demand for its care so high that it has recently announced extra appointment slots for its famed consultation service. These consultations are free and with a highly trained specialist in the field of fertility. A no strings attached appointment, this discussion gives you a chance to explore your options and get your questions answered with no hidden costs or fees. Origin understands how demanding the nature of infertility can be on your time and health, and as such makes sure that it offers patients and prospective patients with convenient and stress free services for their benefit. An excellent example of this approach lies in the fact that no waiting list can be found at Origin, and instead where suitable you can go directly from your consultation stage through to your treatment without the torturous wait for weeks and even months that many other fertility care providers will oblige you to go through. A semen analysis booking service is available online at your convenience, allowing you unprecedented discretion and privacy while arranging a sensitive appointment. Origin Fertility Care also deliver excellence success rates as reported by the HFEA Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. The HFEA is responsible for reporting on results from different fertility centres, and as each clinic is individual, these rates can vary immensely. Origin takes on patients up to the age of 45 women and 60 men, and despite having such flexible criteria delivers success rates above the national average reported by the HFEA. This is where many other clinics operate under a notably lower age limit to keep their figures high. Success rates are a direct measure of a clinic's success in terms of live births from treatment cycles, and as such are an excellent indication of the kind of quality you get at Origin. On top of superb success rates and services designed to meet your needs without exacerbating the stress of suffering from infertility, Origin can boast competitive prices which are given without hidden costs, so what you're paying for will be made absolutely clear, an around the clock on-call service, easy access and free parking, discounted rates at a local hotel, and a custom service from start to finish.

Services offered at this clinic: Translator services available, sperm assessment, donor insemination counselling services, private patients treated, donor recruitment (eggs), in vitro fertilisation (IVF), surgical sperm retrieval through TESA (testicular sperm aspiration)