Reproductive Medicine Unit

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Reproductive Medicine Unit

Reproductive Medicine Unit
The Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Seacroft Hospital
York Road
West Yorkshire
LS14 6UH
Tel: 0113 2063102

Clinic details: London is home to a number of internationally renowned institutions, amongst whom UCL, or the University College London, is ranked very highly. UCL lies within the heart of the city, with a number of smaller sites dotted around the extremely busy centre of town. UCL is also closely affiliated with a Foundation Trust of that name, which makes use of the steady influx of research and young scientists and doctors to ensure the provision of impeccable care for NHS patients. In 2009 the unit performed 487 cycles of intrauterine insemination (IUI) as well as 21 cycles of donor insemination. NHS patients up to 44 years of age are treated with a refined and advanced artificial insemination treatment that can make use of either donor or partner sperm, depending on your individual situation and how you may benefit. Intrauterine insemination is a popular choice of treatment for many patients, and is effective if the causes of infertility are either unknown or stem from impotence or retrograde ejaculation for instance. Other treatments include reproductive surgery, more specifically tubal surgery, which can restore fertility if the cause is any kind of disruption to the normal function of the fallopian tubes, which are responsible for transporting eggs from their storage place within the ovaries to the womb where they can be fertilised. Similarly reproductive endocrinology is offered as a treatment, and this treatment route essentially involves using drugs to alter a woman's natural monthly cycle, thereby encouraging ovulation which releases more eggs to be fertilised. This method can also be used to enhance the effectiveness of IUI treatments, increasing the chances of a successful cycle as there are more eggs to be fertilised. One of the investigative routes explored by the Reproductive Medicine Unit is semen analysis, which involves looking into the quality of sperm and their ability to access and fertilise an egg. The unit can also provide treatments and investigations into recurrent miscarriages, a difficult ordeal to go through for any couple. One of the services offered by the Reproductive Medicine Unit is the provision of storage facilities for sperm, eggs, and embryos, a facility of great importance to cancer patients about to go through chemotherapy, a treatment which can potentially cause infertility.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: University College London is undoubtedly one of world's leading academic institutions, and it is therefore no surprise that the University College London Hospitals Trust is one of the country's most advanced and rapidly developing Foundation Trusts of its kind. With a huge array of different specialties at your disposal, your treatment will be in specialist hands, all within a facility with an established reputation for pioneering advancements in its field. Six hospitals make up the Trust, and these include University College Hospital, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, the Eastman Dental hospital, Heart Hospital, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. The University College Hospital's Reproductive Medicine Unit is a provider of treatments and investigations where couples have been trying to conceive without success for 2 or more years, as well as for those suffering from recurrent miscarriages. Treatment is administered by a consultant led team of diverse professionals who bring their unique areas of expertise to bear for your benefit. While your medical care is a primary focus, staff at the unit recognise the emotional burdens of infertility and recurrent miscarriages, and as such provide treatment in a friendly and sensitive manner, and at all times access to a dedicated counselling service is available to support you when you need it most. The Reproductive Medicine Unit at the hospital comes under the Gynaecology and Women's Health departments of the University College Hospital, housed within the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing.

Services offered at this clinic: Tubal surgery, induction and monitoring of ovulation, sperm washing, sperm assessment, intrauterine insemination, donor insemination