Royal Cornwall Hospital

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Royal Cornwall Hospital

Royal Cornwall Hospital
Wheal Unity Clinic
Princess Alexandra Wing
Royal Cornwall Hospital
Tel: 01872 253044

Clinic details: The Royal Cornwall Hospital can be found in Truro, where it forms part of a Trust that, through three hospitals, provides healthcare to the whole county. Truro itself is a very popular tourist destination and is one of the busier parts of Cornwall, acting as a prime location for entertainment, the governing of the county, and retail within the large southern county. Truro is technically Cornwall's only city and is in fact the southernmost city of the UK with its own unique look and feel, dominated by a famous cathedral. The Royal Cornwall Hospital's Cornwall Centre for Reproductive medicine (CCRM) is the county's provider of fertility treatments, and offers a number of different treatments. In terms of investigative procedures the CCRM offers ultrasound scanning and analysis of the reproductive tract, in which defects that are often the source of infertility and subfertility can be detected. A number of surgical treatment options are available which can greatly benefit some patients, these include tubal surgery, laparoscopy, and the treatment of a condition called endometriosis. Tubal surgery is often a solution to damaged fallopian tubes, a cause of infertility in many women. Endometriosis is also a relatively common cause of infertility, and is the excessive growth of the lining of the womb, called the endometrium, outwards into other parts of the reproductive system like the fallopian tubes. The most popular treatment option available at the CCRM and Royal Cornwall Hospital is artificial insemination by way of a method called IUI (intrauterine insemination). This method is tried and tested, and has gained a reputation as a cost effective and fairly successful treatment for infertility. The hospital's services in this department are available for private and NHS patients up to and over the age of 44, provided they have a BMI of under 30.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: The County of Cornwall receives much of its acute care from The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, which tends to a large population of just under half a million people. Because of the county's popularity as a spot for domestic tourists, this number can more than double during summer, meaning that the Royal Cornwall Hospital must be prepared to handle a staggering number of people at certain times of the year. Three distinct sites make up the trust, St Michael's Hospital in Hayle, the West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance, and of course the Royal Cornwall Hospital itself in Truro. Because of its status as a medical school the Trust and its Hospitals remain fairly advanced in terms of the care they can offer, and a tradition of education fuels a multi-disciplinary team with the expertise necessary to provide superb care to a large population over the County. Regular audits, surveys, and reviews all indicate that the hospital is a quality facility and can provide superb care in its many different specialist departments, of which fertility treatments are just one. Where fertility treatment is concerned, the Trust's Cornwall Centre for Reproductive Medicine is responsible for administering to the needs of the county's population. Housed within the Royal Cornwall Hospital itself, the CCRM can provide a very individualised service that can first investigate the cause of infertility through the latest techniques, and then provide a treatment option to suit your needs and provide you with the care you need and deserve. IVF and ICSI treatments are offered in partnership with a number of other units, but the CCRM itself is mixed team made up of its two specialist consultants, Mr Jonathon Lord and Miss Susan Bates, three nurse specialists, and finally an administrative member of staff, all housed within a purpose built clinic that can provide state of the art treatments.

Services offered at this clinic: Intrauterine insemination (stimulated and unstimulated), ovulation monitoring and induction, tubal surgery, laparoscopy, sperm assessment