Swansea Reproductive Unit

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Swansea Reproductive Unit

Swansea Reproductive Unit
Fourth Floor Maternity Wing
Singleton Hospital
Tel: 01792 285686

Clinic details: Swansea is the second largest city in Wales and lies on the Gower Peninsula in the county of West Glamorgan. Second only to Cardiff in terms of size of population within Wales, the city is a central hub for many administrative, commercial, industrial, and public services for a large portion of Western Wales. Singleton Hospital's Swansea Reproduction Unit is an important part of the hospital's service provision within Swansea, and provides such treatments as artificial insemination (through IUI ' intrauterine insemination) as an assisted conception technique for patients up to the age of 42 referred through the NHS, provided they have a BMI of less than 30. Andrology services are available in the form of a sperm assessment to determine the quality and effectiveness of sperm, and the equivalent female service, ovulation monitoring, is also available to assess the health and regularity of a female partner's ovulation cycles.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Singleton Hospital, home to the Swansea Reproduction Unit, can be found on Swansea's Sketty Lane. Originally completed over 50 years ago in 1958 the hospital possesses 550 beds and is part of Swansea University's campus and Singleton Park. The hospital operates a number of departments offering specialist care, such as acute medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, genetic counselling, high dependency and intensive care, general surgery, elderly care, neonatal intensive care, coronary care, and many others. The hospital comes under the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board which sets down objectives for itself and hospitals like Singleton that come under its authority. These objectives are based around a few key principles that drive the service, and these are the delivery of excellent service in all respects, dealing with matters in a dignified and respectful manner, and working above all for and as a community. This ethos makes Singleton Hospital an institution that aims to provide a truly excellent service. The Swansea Reproduction Unit that is found within the hospital's Maternity Wing abides by these principles to deliver sensitive, professional, and specialist infertility treatments and care to help couples through a difficult period and, hopefully, help them achieve their goal of pregnancy.

Services offered at this clinic: Sperm washing, induction of ovulation, monitoring of ovulation, sperm assessment, dedicated counselling service, translator services, stimulate intrauterine insemination (IUI), NHS patients treated