West Middlesex University Hospital

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West Middlesex University Hospital

West Middlesex University Hospital
West Middlesex University Hospital
Twickenham Road
Tel: 020 8560 2121

Clinic details: Isleworth has its roots in Saxon history and can be found within Hounslow, a Borough in west London lying just east of a town of the same name. West Middlesex University Hospital is a provider of intrauterine insemination to NHS patients who can make use of the treatment to get pregnant. Intrauterine insemination is often referred to as IUI for short, and is a technique which essentially involves first obtaining a sperm sample from a male partner, and then inserting said sample into a female partner's uterus. The treatment can often involve a regime of fertility drugs prior to the process which is designed to stimulate egg production and hence increase the chances of a successful IUI treatment cycle.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: An award winning London institution, the West Middlesex University Hospital caters to the medical needs of Richmond Upon Thames and Hounslow, both Boroughs of London with easy access to the hospital's many facilities. The hospital continues to strive to be the best service possible for its communities, giving each and every patient the best modern healthcare and the NHS has to offer. With a wealth of specialist departments ably equipped and conveniently found onsite, the needs of many can be met under one roof and without the need for constant back and forth referrals that can be a major inconvenience and hassle for many. The hospital also provides an extremely valuable fertility treatment service that enables couples who are unable to conceive naturally on their own to gain access to invaluable fertility services and treatments. Bearing a license recently renewed in 2010, the hospital's fertility treatments are licensed by the HFEA, also known as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, a government institution providing the public with information and regulation of fertility services across the country.

Services offered at this clinic: NHS patients treated, intrauterine insemination (stimulated and unstimulated)