Whittington Hospital Fertility Unit

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Whittington Hospital Fertility Unit

Whittington Hospital Fertility Unit
Jenner Building
Whittington Hospital
Magdala Avenue
N19 5NF
Tel: 020 72883776

Clinic details: The Whittington Hospital is based in Islington, a London Borough, and more specifically in Archway, named for an arch built in the 19th century between the areas of Hornsey and Highgate. The Whittington Hospital was in fact named after the famous literary character Dick Whittington, whose story involve Archway and inspired the hospital's naming. The Hospital addresses infertility through the provision of investigative and treatment options, as well as the advice and emotional support necessary to make some of the big decisions involved in fertility treatments. At present investigative protocols include assessing fertility using imaging and other techniques to determine reproductive health. Common reproductive illnesses like poly-cystic ovarian syndrome are treated at the hospital, and fertility drugs are offered as a treatment of hormonal dysregulation and the like. These drugs are also used to induce the process of ovulation (egg release) before artificial insemination through IUI intrauterine insemination, an assisted reproduction technology with a great track record of success and effectiveness. The hospital can also treat fertility surgically where such a step will help, and also provides options for couples suffering from recurrent miscarriage.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: The city of London is full of teaching hospitals with national and international reputations for excellence and quality. Of these the Whittington Hospital is a teaching hospital with the University of London that can be found North of Islington in Archways, serving those particular areas as well as West Haringey, a total population of about a quarter of a million from many different backgrounds and walks of life. With 467 beds the hospital provides both acute and specialist services through over 2,000 members of staff working in closely knit multi-disciplinary teams. The hospital's responsibilities extend beyond the provision of healthcare, as a university hospital an important part of the Whittington's duties is the provision of clinic placements for the education of undergraduates as well as training through a large post-graduate programme. On top of doctors other healthcare professionals can seek care here, including for example dieticians, midwives, and radiographers. The Whittington Hospital is unique in that the site has actually been delivering medical care for over 500 years, initially as a leper hospital. From 1848 onwards a new hospital structure was built for the care of patients suffering from smallpox, a condition which was epidemic and fatal at the time. It was in 1946 that the Whittington as it is known now first took shape, and the current hospital is located on the historic St Mary's site from which it continues to provide the latest and best in healthcare. Fertility services are an important part of what the hospital offers.

Services offered at this clinic: Ovulation induction, tubal surgery, sperm assessment, partner intrauterine insemination, counselling services, ovulation monitoring, post-coital testing, translator services, NHS patients treated