Woking Nuffield Hospital

There are various types of fertility treatments and the contact telephone number and address for Woking Nuffield Hospital, can be found below.

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Woking Nuffield Hospital

Woking Nuffield Hospital
Victoria Wing
Nuffield Health Woking Hospital
Shores Road
GU21 4BY
Tel: 01483 227 814

Clinic details: The Woking Nuffield Hospital's treatments for infertility stem from IVF (in vitro fertilisation) through to artificial insemination by IUI. The hospital's successful live birth rates are on par with the national average, and the team at the ACU are experienced in delivering these treatments, having delivered 608 IVF treatments and 259 ICSI treatments in 2009. Egg sharing is one of the facilities on offer at The Woking Hospital's ACU. This scheme essentially involves the donation of eggs from one couple to another who are struggling with their fertility in exchange for a free cycle of IVF. The scheme is practiced by some other hospitals and clinics, and the general criteria for eligibility for egg sharing is age (between 18-35), body mass index (between 20 and 30), medical history, and the number of treatment cycles previously received.

Fertility treatment at this clinic: Holding an HFEA license since 1994, The Woking Nuffield Hospital's Assisted Conception Unit is very much a veteran service in the field of infertility treatment. The ACU is based in the Victoria Wing of the hospital, and is a dedicated fertility unit which can offer expertise in all aspects of infertility, from investigation through to assisted conception and right up to the early stages of pregnancy. You can expect to be looked after by a team of scientists, doctors, and nurses who will work together to make sure you are never left wanting. Both medical and scientific members of staff are extremely experienced, and this experience directly translates into great live birth rates as reported by the HFEA. The ACU is kept friendly and amiable to keep the treatment process as simple and easy as possible, and within a friendly private facility in Woking the Clinic is in many ways a serene retreat that allows you an opportunity to get treated and get better away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. NHS funded patients are welcome as well as private patients, and the ACU actually offers a specialist service to help parents coping with infertility whilst parenting.

Services offered at this clinic: NHS and private patients treated, monitoring of the ovulation cycle, sperm storage, IVF and ICSI with donor materials (sperm, eggs, and embryos), induction of ovulation, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), embryo storage, counselling services, patient open days, sperm assessment, surgical sperm aspiration (MESA, TESA, PESA), intrauterine insemination