Fertility Clinics in Colchester

If you are considering fertility treatment because you have struggled to conceive or you or your partner are infertile, or if you are a same sex couple wanting to have a baby, there are a number of options available through the NHS and/or through private funding at fertility clinics in Colchester.

If you would like to book a consultation (many clinics offer free initial consultations) to discuss your ferility treatment options at a clinic in Colchester, contact the clinic direct. Treatment options include:

Please also contact us if you would like further information about egg donation/edd donors or sperm donation/sperm donors.

Fertility Clinics Colchester

Bourn Hall Clinic (Colchester)

Charter Court
Severalls Business Park
Newcomen Way
Tel: 01206 844 454
The Bourn Hall Colchester Centre is a more intimate site than its Cambridge counterpart. Previously the Isis Fertility Centre, Bourn Hall acquired the site in 2009 to bring its services to a new community. While the building itself is smaller, the passion and dedication of Bourn Hall to its treatments, patients, and staff remain undimmed. The clinic can be found within the Severalls Business Park, and can be found easily on the outer edges of Colchester. The clinic's services remain in keeping with the Bourn Hall standards and reputation, and the site is pleased to offer a number of different popular and effective fertility treatments to private and NHS patients alike. In vitro fertilisation treatments, more popularly known as IVF, are available without waiting lists for private and NHS patients. The alternative IVF method in which sperm are directly placed into eggs, called ICSI, is also available at Bourn Hall, providing couples who haven't had much luck with IVF an opportunity to improve their chances. ICSI and IVF have both been provided by the centre at success rates in line with the national live birth average, and the percentage of single births achieved through these treatments has also been consistent with the HFEA average. The centre can also provide inseminations like its Cambridge branches, all under the watchful eye of the HFEA which reports on the clinic's successes online. The HFEA regularly assesses the clinic's suitability for a license, so you can rest assured in the quality of care you can receive at the centre.

Oaks Hospital

Transport Centre for Bourn Hall Clinic (Colchester)
Oaks Place
Mile End Road
C04 5XR
Tel: 01206 752 121