Fertility Clinics in Cranbrook

If you are considering fertility treatment because you have struggled to conceive or you or your partner are infertile, or if you are a same sex couple wanting to have a baby, there are a number of options available through the NHS and/or through private funding at fertility clinics in Cranbrook.

If you would like to book a consultation (many clinics offer free initial consultations) to discuss your ferility treatment options at a clinic in Cranbrook, contact the clinic direct. Treatment options include:

Please also contact us if you would like further information about egg donation/edd donors or sperm donation/sperm donors.

Fertility Clinics Cranbrook

Benenden Fertility Centre (BFC)

Benenden Hospital Trust
Goddard's Green Road
TN17 4X
Tel: 01580 242 425
Benenden's appropriately named Benenden Fertility Centre (BFC) is a provider of both infertility treatments and storage options for private patients in and around Kent. An easy facility to get to, the BFC provides the most commonly sought after and successful infertility treatments like ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injections), IVF (in vitro fertilisation), and IUI (intrauterine insemination). Insemination can be performed under the influence of stimulating fertility drugs, or in their absence, all depending on you, your body, and your preferences. Blastocyst transfer is available, where your embryos will be grown in a lab setting for a few days and then placed within your womb. You can also have a number of assessments at the centre to determine sperm quality, quantity, and ability to survive within your partner's cervix. These are called sperm assessments and post-coital tests, and are offered alongside ovulation monitoring and induction. Surgical treatments are also on offer where appropriate, and of these tubal surgeries are a successful example, unblocking fallopian tubes (structures connecting your ovaries to your womb) to restore fertility.