Advantages of Critical Illness Cover

If you have gone over your policy with a fine-toothed comb and are sure it is the one for your, critical illness cover can be a great comfort in times of need. The insurance company do not specify where the money has to go, so while some people may choose to purchase private treatment others may use the money to make their life easier (modifying their home for ease of manoeuvrability, hiring staff to care for them) or leave the money for their loved ones if their illness is terminal. It is also true that many people either have to (as required by their lender) or choose to take out life cover when they take out a mortgage. As mentioned previously, many policies can provide life cover as well as critical illness cover, so there is some logic to taking out one while you are taking out the other. Many people choose to take out critical illness cover for the full remaining cost of their mortgage so that if they are too ill to work any more they do not need to worry about losing the roof over their heads. In the current financial climate this may be more important than ever.  

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