How Do I Get a Private Health Insurance Quote?

You can get a quote directly from any medical insurer or private health insurer, for example by visiting their websites or calling their call centres. Alternatively, you can go to a broker for the advice of a third party who can look at many options for you and compare and contrast those options. You can also visit a price comparison website which acts as a broker without any face to face contact. There are guides available online which you should make the most of; these guides provide summaries of company and product information. There are also guides which will outline the types of questions you need to ask when choosing health and medical insurance. Some health organizations offer help lines run by experienced health advisers. When you are getting a quote, either online or over the phone, it is essential that you provide accurate information. This is not just so that you are quoted the right price – if you provide incorrect information you could invalidate your insurance so that the company could refuse to pay for treatment when you need it. After you have received the quote take time to go over the details. Many companies will guarantee you that price for a period of 90 days and give you a reference number so that you can accept it at a later date.

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