Information Given to Private Health Insurance Companies

The information given to private health insurance companies is dependant on which of the two types of quoting methods the insurer is using. The two options are moratorium cover (where you are asked more basic questions) and a full medical history quote, which is fairly self explanatory!

Moratorium Cover

With a moratorium you do not have to provide details of your medical history in most cases. A form is usually completed over the phone or from a one to one consultation. The insurer will ask any follow up questions and will contact your GP for more information. The next step is that you will receive a quote with a price. The insurer excludes all pre-existing medical conditions and does not list them individually. With this type of cover you will only be asked basic information about yourself and your family that is also being insured. It is based on a basic understanding that if you have any medical conditions these will not be included in the cover. This makes it more suitable for if you and your family are fit and well, because you do not need individually specified conditions that will not be covered. You do not have to disclose details of medical history. The insurer will tell you if some or all conditions become eligible for cover after a continuous period, usually of about two years. You must not have had symptoms, treatment or medication for that condition during this time. Some are tempted to forgo medical treatment for the stated time limit (for example two years) in an attempt to make it seem as if they have not had problems with a condition that is not eligible. This is not wise for medical reasons but also may not even allow you to claim at a later date as in the small print it may state that any pre-existing condition is not going to be covered, even after an arranged period of time. You will always be claiming subject to policy terms and conditions.

This cover may be a good idea if you want to arrange cover quickly and if you know it will be a fairly simple procedure as you are fit and healthy without underlying conditions.

Full Medical History Quote

Full medical history underwriting is different to moratorium; this is where you are required to provide a full medical history to your insurance company. Once you have provided this (and it must be thorough and entirely accurate) the process is similar: in the same way documentation is completed and your insurer will ask further questions and follow up details with your GP if necessary. You will receive a quote with a costing and the full outline of the terms and conditions. The insurer will outline what conditions it will not cover usually anything that is currently or has recently affected you, and the insurer advises on the exclusions if they are permanent for a stated amount of time of the policy.

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