Advantages of Private Health Insurance

Less Waiting Time

For many the major pull to private medical health treatment is the lack of waiting lists and the speed of treatment in private health care. Although in recent years there have been some improvements in waiting times on the NHS for many there is still on average around a 18 week wait for most treatments. For some conditions an 18 week wait may be acceptable but for other treatments or illnesses it could leave patients in a great deal or discomfort and pain during the interim, not to mention the risk of the condition or illness worsening during the waiting period.

Peace of Mind

For many the thought of going private and having private health insurance gives them peace of mind. They then know that if the worse happens they will receive treatment quickly and they have a better idea of the kind of treatment they can expect – as private health insurance will tell you what the hospitals and clinics they use are like and with the NHS you do not have this forewarning (for example you may turn up at a clinic or A&E department and find it does not meet your requirements). Some negative press coverage about the problems of MRSA (for example publicity surrounding celebrity sufferer Leslie Ash) in recent years has also caused many people to go for private health insurance because of the fear of contamination in hospitals.

Better Hospitals

Private medical healthcare offers a private room, often with leisure facilities and sometimes with the luxury of a private en suite bathroom. This is in contrast to some NHS hospitals where there are still mixed sex wards where some patients may feel uncomfortable and experience issues with privacy and overcrowded conditions. Personal care is often of a better quality with private healthcare, as well as continuity of care. It is likely you will have a dedicated consultant throughout your treatment. This is not always the case however; many people’s experience of the NHS is very satisfactory.

Specialist Care

Your insurer may have a specialist claim team that deals with your condition, illness or disease, such as cancer for example. This means that they can arrange the best service and treatment for you, because they are experienced in dealing with patients suffering with your illness. These claims specialists will also be able to tell you in detail about the facility you will be receiving treatment in as well as the treatment itself so that you go in feeling more calm and prepared than you might if you were attending an NHS appointment.

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