Making a Claim on Your Private Health Insurance Policy

It is important to let your insurer know as soon as possible about any claim. Most insurers have clear guideline on what you will need to do to make a claim, but this is something to ask about before buying the policy.  It is common in most cases that the insurer will have a 24 hour helpline for claims. Ring them as soon as possible, because it is important to get written confirmation from your insurer before you have treatment. This is critical as if you fail to inform your insurer you will no doubt receive a bill for uninsured health costs. It is also important that you have received a copy of this authorization yourself and kept a copy. This way if there is any query over payment you can show the treatment centre or hospital your confirmation. Ask your GP or consultant to sign any documentation if required promptly and also keep a copy. Keeping all documentation is important so do set up a file and file away safely all the paperwork concerning your claim. Making a note of dates is very important as some insurers will have time limits on claims.

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