How Can I Stop Snoring?

Snoring generally is not an area for concern, and is quite a common occurrence. However, if your snoring is disturbing you or your partner there are certain steps that you can take, in order to give you a more peaceful night’s sleep. A good method that is quite easy and cheap to carry out, is to sew tennis balls into the back of your pyjama bottoms. It is thought that snoring is worsened by lying on your back as your airways are more restricted. Therefore, sewing tennis balls into the back of your pyjamas will prevent you from rolling onto your back. (Warning – they may not be very comfortable for your partner to snuggle up to!) There are also head adjusting pillows available which position your head to one side. Equally, make sure that your head is not too raised as this too can restrict your airways and cause snoring.

There are various different treatments available for snoring; some simple solutions may lie in nasal strips and oral sprays. You can also try a few minor changes in your lifestyle that could help stop your snoring. Try to avoid alcohol before you sleep as this dilates the muscles of the lungs and can cause more blockages of the airways. Smoking is also thought to increase the chances of snoring. Exercise is thought to benefit snorers in particular as fatty tissue can cause blockages that will contribute towards snoring.

If once you have tried all of these methods you find that your snoring has not ceased and is still disruptive, you may wish to contact your doctor on the range of other treatments that are available. There are more permanent solutions available for severe snorers.  Different types of surgery include: Injection Snoreplasty

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