Eyebrow Transplants

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Micrografting for Eyebrows

The best way to transplant hair in order to reconstruct your eyebrows is the same method which is employed on the scalp: micrografting hair transplants. There are two popular micrografting methods available, one which utilises a donor strip taken from the soft, fine hairs generally found at the base of the neck and one in which individual follicular units are taken from the scalp itself. Both techniques can be applied to eyebrow surgeries and, if done properly, can result in natural looking eyebrow hairs which will then grow like normal as they have been transplanted intact in their own follicular units.

Pedicle Flaps for Eyebrows

This is no longer a common option, but can still be available for eyebrow transplants. In this form of transplant, a pedicle flap, or any graft strip which is self-contained with its own blood supply, is taken from the temple in front of the ear. The eyebrow is area is cut open and the entire pedicle flap is inserted into the eyebrow’s recipient area. Once the strip is stitched in place, the vein which was taken with it will supply the follicles with blood and the hair will grow as it had before it was removed. This method can lead to scarring, however, and micrografting is generally the more preferable technique.


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