Cost of Colonic Irrigation

The cost of colonic irrigation is very variable depending on the clinic at which you choose to attend to undergo the treatment. At many clinics across the UK, the prices seems to fall in the range of £50-£70 (although some may be more or less, pricing is very dependent on the clinic, the therapist training level and the location). Sometimes your first colonic irrigation session may be more expensive at it includes a consultation as well as the actual treatment, but this increased cost isn’t too much (generally around £5-£10).

Numerous clinics offer a course of colonic irrigation treatments that involve a discounted cost. For example, at one clinic it costs £65 for the first session (which includes both a consultation and treatment) and £60 for any subsequent colonic irrigation treatments. However, you can choose to book a 3-session course for the lower price of £150.

It is worth doing your research into clinics offering colonic irrigation to compare the prices. Once you have taken note of those available to you, you may wish to look at reviews of the clinic by people who have previously been for the same treatment to ensure it is the right place for you and that they offer a high level of quality and that the therapist are trained professionals.

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