Find Colonic Irrigation Clinics

Colonic irrigations should only be done by a trained professional therapist in a specialised clinical environment. Many heath/beauty spas now offer colonic irrigation as well as specialist centres that solely offer this treatment.

When choosing where to get your colonic irrigation, you should ensure that it is sanitary and that the members of staff working there are all trained and can prove their worth. If it s your first colonic irrigation treatment and you are ensure as to what you should look for when selecting the clinic, you should consider several things:

  • Cost of treatment - is it within your budget? However, don’t just attend a clinic because it is the cheapest – you should ensure it is otherwise appropriate. It is very easy to find the prices of many clinics as they are posted their website. If not, find their contact details and call them. By knowing the costs of various clinics, it can aid in your comparisons to ensure you pick the place best suited to you.
  • Staff credentials – are they trained and professional? You could maybe ask if the therapists hold any certificates to prove their training or question how long the therapist has be doing colonic irrigations for. You have every right to ask them questions about their training as the treatment is supposed to benefit your health and if not done properly, can give you side effects.
  • Location – is the clinic accessible to you? If you drive, this may include if there is decent parking nearby. On-the-other-hand, if you must take public transport, figure out if there is a bus stop or train station close enough to the clinic.
  • Privacy – can the clinic ensure that only you and the therapist are present during the colonic irrigation? This procedure is invasive and many people can be embarrassed by it and therefore, would rather no one else saw it being performed. In the room there should only be you and the therapists performing the colonic irrigation. If there is anyone else present and you feel uncomfortable, ask if they can leave.
  • Customer experience – do other people recommend that clinic? You can probably find reviews on the Internet to resolve this question. This is a good way to see how the clinic’s customer service is and to check that the treatment is performed correctly and comfortably before you have the colonic irrigation yourself.