Repeating Colonic Irrigation

As the waste material in the bowel builds up over a lifetime, it is rare that they can all be flushed out in just one colonic irrigation session. Instead, it is often recommended that you have a number of colonic irrigation treatments to benefit as much as possible.

There is no set number of sessions that is recommended as everyone is different and how often colonic irrigation should be repeated is very dependent on your individual situation. It has been stated that you may wish to book a course that involves a colonic irrigation once a week for six weeks. However, this is totally down to your personal preference and what your therapist suggests.

Despite often requiring repeating colonic irrigation therapy over a period of time, many people claim that they feel better after just one treatment. Between colonic irrigation sessions, you should ensure that you are carrying out the recommended lifestyle and diet that your therapist suggests helping you achieve the optimum, most beneficial results from the therapy. If you do so, it may mean that the number of colonic irrigation treatments initially needed may end up being fewer and farther between, saving time and money.

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