Colonic Irrigation & Weight Loss

Everyday, more and more people decide that they want to lose weight. This may be down to a variety of reasons, generally speaking, the most common are:

  • For health reasons
  • To conform to the modern society’s perception of “attractive”
  • To boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To look and feel better in certain clothes

These days, in a world where losing weight has become a massive goal for many people, there are an increasing number of techniques becoming available, each claiming to be better and quicker at causing weight loss than the last.

There are numerous routes to take to achieve the weight loss you desire. Increasing exercise and eating better is arguably the healthiest and most beneficial way to achieve your goal. However, for a lot of people, this doesn’t shed the weight quick enough. Instead they choose to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck, or attempt one of the thousands of diets now available like the Atkins diet or GI diet.

Among the infinite methods of weight loss being advertised today is colonic irrigation. This treatment is probably one of the more controversial and unproven methods, however, a lot of people are still undergoing the procedure believing it can really benefit them reach their goal.

The association between weight loss and colonic irrigation

It is very common to see weight loss being associated with colonic irrigation as an increasing number of people are seeking easy options to lose excess fat. This has become a somewhat debatable topic, however, a number of weight loss experts do express belief that having a healthy colon is very much linked to losing weight, whereas if the colon is in poor condition, it is probable the individual will gain weight easier.

A key aspect of maintaining a healthy colon is the removal of the accumulating toxins and waste products, which of course can be done by colonic irrigation. There seems to be more build-up of these potentially harmful substances in today’s individuals due to many having a hectic lifestyle and limited access to a good, healthy diet and exercise. A culmination of these often leads to a decrease in the wellbeing of many people.

At first, most people decided to have colonic irrigation treatment to remove the unwanted toxins and waste products from their bowels so that food can be digested more efficiently. However, nowadays it seems more popular as people believe it can significantly help them in losing weight.

How may colonic irrigation aid weight loss?

The treatment alone removes waste that has built-up in the body, not fat. Therefore, it cannot be expected that weight loss will occur by undergoing colonic irrigation without changing other aspects of you life. Instead, you should combine the colonic irrigation treatment with changing aspects of you lifestyle, diet and exercise routines.

If you live a healthier life and actively aim to lose weight in a healthy, controlled manner, then colonic irrigation can be a beneficial addition to the detox regime. This is because by having a healthy colon, you can aid digestion so food is not residing in your body for longer than necessary.

Contributing factors to colonic irrigation that may help weight loss

The clinic or therapist who carries out the colonic irrigation procedure sometimes provides a naturopathy plan for you to follow. This is a strategy designed to ensure you are living a healthy lifestyle so you can reap the benefits of colonic irrigation further. Naturopathy aims to get the body to naturally look after itself and maintain a healthy balance in areas such as weight.

You may also decide to visit a nutritionist after the colonic irrigation, to ensure that you begin a new diet plan that is rich in all the necessary food categories that maintain the health and wellbeing of your body whilst losing weight. The nutritionist will probably suggest you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. If these are consumed raw (uncooked), then they maintain their fibre, which aids digestion.

You could also try creating your own fresh fruit juice as a way to replace snacking throughout the day, which is a common cause of weight gain. The juice will not only be a healthy alternative to snacks like biscuits and crisps, but it can also give you general better health overall.

In addition to these extra methods to use in conjunction with colonic irrigation to aid weight loss, there are a few simple tips that can also help:

  • Eat smaller amounts of food (cut out snacking, reduce portion size etc.).
  • Consume a higher amount of fibre (to improve digestion).
  • Try to move and exercise more often or for longer periods of time.
  • Chew your food better and more thoroughly.
  • Drink more water (often thirst gets mistaken for hunger, so if you are feeling peckish, drink some water instead of heading straight for the food cupboard).

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