Colonic Irrigation Embarrassment

You should not feel embarrassed about getting colonic irrigation. The therapist is trained to carry out the treatment and they do it throughout the day for a living. The therapist should be very professional and has probably seen hundreds of bottoms throughout their career and so yours will be no surprise to them, it is just part of their job.

A common fear about colonic irrigation is smell. People are often nervous that the colonic irrigation will cause the same kind of odour produced when on the toilet passing stools naturally, which may cause embarrassment. However, as colonic irrigation is based around a closed system there is no bad smell at all.

At the end of the day, you are getting a colonic irrigation treatment in order to improve and maintain the health of your colon. This is beneficial to you in the long term and can save your from embarrassment in the future as a result of some symptoms of a toxic colon. You should not feel embarrassed about going for a colonic to take care of your health, nor should you be uncomfortable around the therapist. It is their job, they are trained to do it and they have seen it all before.

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