Colonic Irrigation Procedure

Prior to the actual treatment, you will be given some consultation time with the professional who shall carry out the procedure. You should take this time as an opportunity to ask any questions about the colonic irrigation itself as well as what may occur afterwards and ways you can optimise the results to benefit you most.

It is also advised that you should not eat too much in the two hours leading up to the colonic irrigation treatment due to the abdominal massages give. It is sometimes also suggested that you have a bowel movement just before the colonic to make the treatment more effective.

The actual procedure

  • You will be provided with suitable clothing to wear throughout the procedure and will shown to the bed where you should lie on your side as comfortably as possible.
  • The piece of equipment that is inserted into your rectum is called the speculum. This is only placed between two and three inches into the rectum. This only takes a few seconds and if you find it uncomfortable or painful, then you should tell your therapist.
  • The pipe through which the clean water flows is then attached too the speculum.
  • Following this, the pipe that removes the waste is then attached.
  • When you have assured the therapist that you are comfortable and at ease, they will begin the treatment.
  • Warm water is passed through the speculum into your bowel allowing you to become familiar with the feeling it gives.
  • Once you are used to the sensation, your therapist will begin to gently flush the bowel by filling it up with water and then releasing the pressure.
  • When the pressure is release, the water carries the waste out of the waste tube.
  • The colonic irrigation treatment will last a further 30-40 minutes, throughout which the therapist may perform abdominal massages to encourage the bowel to release waste.

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