Removal of Friendly Bacteria During Colonic Irrigation

In the colon, there are a lot of bacteria that comprise the natural flora. These bacteria are friendly and are beneficial to the overall health of the body. It has been contested by many people that colonic irrigation treatment removes these good bacteria, which may have a negative impact on health.

Colon bacteria

There are numerous names for the bacteria that reside in the colon, such as probiotics, proflora and beneficial bacteria. Not all bacteria in the colon are good or “friendly” though, some can be unfriendly and cause damage and produce toxins. The good bacteria are required to keep these bad bacteria from growing in the colon whilst ensuring you maintain a healthy colon to reduce the risk of issues like constipation.

A lot of people have significantly more bad bacteria living in their colon than good bacteria. These can cause illness and disease as they continue to multiply and grow in the bowels. Generally, the bad bacteria become very dominant in the colon due to things such as alcohol and poison consumption, processed foods being a key part of the diet, lack of dietary fibre and oral contraceptive use.

There are many different species of good bacteria that live in the colon. They find it such as good home due to the acidic environment, so they are able to thrive and keep the colon nice and healthy. These good bacteria digest carbohydrates and the products of this digestion is acidic so the colon environment is adequately maintains.

In situations where good bacteria are the more numerous type of bacteria present in the colon, overall health of the person is benefitted. These friendly bacteria can stop diseases, such as the flu, salmonella and herpes, from spreading. The good bacteria work by secreting substances that prevent the disease causing agents multiplying and entering the bloodstream.

Does colonic irrigation remove good bacteria as well as bad bacteria?

In short, yes the colonic irrigation treatment will wash some of the good, friendly bacteria. However, it will wash out the higher amount of bad bacteria present. This readjusts the colon environment back to one in which good bacteria thrive and multiply and where bad bacteria are at a disadvantage due to the low numbers compared to the friendly microorganisms.

Sometimes after undergoing colonic irrigation, you are supplied with some probiotics. These can be taken orally or inserted into the rectum. They are designed to help repopulate the colon with a sufficient number of friendly bacteria. You can also purchase probiotic yoghurts at supermarkets that can help friendly bacteria grow and reproduce.

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