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Although not one of the more common places to get cellulite, having cellulite on the arms can have just as much of a devastating effect when it comes to your confidence as cellulite in other areas would. In addition, cellulite on the upper arms can be very difficult to hide, especially during the summer months where long sleeves are not ideal and you would much rather be wearing a cool tank top.  But not all is lost, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your cellulite and banish those long sleeve tops once and for all.

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to reduce cellulite in this area specifically is by doing exercises that work the arm muscles, not only to burn fat but also to build up muscle too. The aim is not to look like a weightlifter but instead to achieve a firm, toned appearance. To achieve this, simple bicep curling exercises are a good place to start. No high tech gym equipment is necessary therefore making this ideal if you lead a busy lifestyle and haven’t got the time for a full work out. The only piece of equipment required for maximal toning would be some dumbbell weights, costing anywhere between £5 and £20 depending on exactly what you want. There isn’t one specific weight of dumbbell that is good for reducing cellulite. Realistically it is down to your preferences and lifestyle. If you have done no previous weight training, a lower weight such as 1-2kg is a good place to start and by performing more repetitions fat will be burnt rather than muscle built. As you ideally want to achieve both reduction of fat and gain is muscle mass, this is a good place to start and then once you are comfortable with this, a heavier weight of up to 10kg can be introduced but with less repetitions so building muscle. How many repetitions you do exactly should be down to you, listening to your body as what one person would consider a lot, another person may consider that not enough. If you are unsure and need additional guidance, joining your local gym is always a possibility and they will have instructors there ready to support you and guide you to the best way to lose weight and beat cellulite.  

Exercise may not be everyone’s idea of fun and many of you may just want a quick and easy fix.  Luckily there are many available treatments at salons that can help reduce your cellulite without the need for a hard gym workout. One of the more ideal treatments for the arm area is mesotherapy which is a cellulite reduction treatment based around the principle of injecting active chemicals into the deep skin tissue where cellulite occurs. These chemicals work to stimulation the cells of the skin to produce a natural response leading to the cellulite being dispersed. The treatment is simple, each session only lasts around 10 minutes and after 4 to 6 weeks worth of treatments you should be already reaping the rewards. One major down side to this treatment however is the cost. This treatment is far more expensive than simply buying some home gym equipment although arguably the cost in terms of time is far less. 

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