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A more recent addition to the treatments for cellulite is Mesotherapy.  Although this treatment has only just recently started to be used for this aspect, it has been around for many years already. Mesotherapy was in fact invented in France during the 1950’s but over the last decade has gain popularity due to its incredible effects against cellulite.  For women who have dieted and dieted in the hope of reducing their cellulite only for their hopes to be dashed when the horrible lumpy skin still remains, this may provide the answer.  The actual treatment of Mesotherapy itself has been FDA approved but due to its relative infancy in the world of cellulite treatments, it has yet to be approved for cellulite specifically. Mesotherapy is a dynamic, multifunctional treatment and medically has uses in the treatment of conditions such as severe headaches and backache, as well as more cosmetic issues such as acne and stretch marks. 

The basis of mesotherapy treatment centres on the principle of the injection of several active substances under the skin. The injection constitutes a cocktail of chemicals, each of which has a profound effect that acts to reduce cellulite appearance in the targeted area.  This is a clinical procedure so unlike any dietary or herbal based therapies it cannot be performed at home, and therefore requires professional input.

How does mesotherapy work?

Small amounts of the ingredients are injected directly into the region where the cellulite problem is being caused. This form of treatment is referred to as a homeopathic medicine, which basically means using low concentration of substances to trigger the body’s natural response.  The mesoderm layer of skin is the target for this treatment. Also known more commonly as the middle layer of skin, this is the area that is stimulated by the injected chemicals so as to achieve the effect of the therapy by dispersing the cellulite.

Not only does this treatment aid in the breakdown of the cellulite, it also provides other advantageous benefits that not only improve the cellulite problem but will also give other positive effects that increase your general health. Circulation within the affected area is improved by using this treatment, which works to increase metabolic exchange and also make circulatory problems such as deep vein thrombosis less likely to occur. Venous and lymphatic drainage from the area is also increased. This improvement leads to less water retention within the affected area. As such, this has a beneficial outcome on the appearance of cellulite as this is a major contributing factor.

How successful is mesotherapy?

This is a treatment that has generally been considered as very successful in reducing cellulite and in some cases even removing the problem in its entirety. The treatment is longer lasting in comparison to other anti cellulite treatments. Maintenance treatments however are still a requirement and annually 4 to 6 weeks of treatment is recommended to maintain positive results.

Exactly how many treatments you will require will be different from case to case. Your individual case and severity will be discussed during your initial consultation if you should choose to proceed with this treatment. Each treatment lasts approximately 10 minutes and on average, people require between 4 and 6 weeks worth of treatment if only a small area of the body is being treated. Whole body treatments are possible but these take longer than usual, on average taking around 10 weeks to complete the treatments.  It is recommended that you also adopt a healthier lifestyle including a good, balanced diet with regular exercise in order to see the best results to mesotherapy treatment.

Are there any side effects to mesotherapy?

In comparison to other treatments, mesotherapy is slightly more invasive as a needle is used to perform the injections.  As a result, there is a risk of bruising or potential allergic reactions to the substances being injected. Because of the nature of this treatment, it is highly important that before you embark on it, you ensure that the health practitioner has all the required documentation and cleanliness requirements. Unsterilized needles carry the risk of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, as well as many common infections such as septicaemia.  These kinds of problems are very uncommon but it is always best to check the clinic out first to ensure the clinic is legitimate and going to offer you the best treatment possible.

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