Exercise for Cellulite

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In addition to a healthy diet, daily exercise is said to do wonders to banish that cellulite as well as giving you back a toned and healthy looking figure.  There are many different exercise regimes out there therefore you might just be thinking “Which one is right for me?” There are different forms of exercise that have varying effects on the body, for example aerobic exercise is good for general fat burning and weight loss whereas strength exercises such as weights increase muscle mass. The key to reducing cellulite is to combine different types of exercise so to not only reduce the fat in the skin tissue, but also to tighten the muscles leading to a smoother, more defined tone.

 Aerobic exercise is highly important in weight loss which is a major step to gaining back a fantastic figure and being cellulite free. Exercises that fall under this category are high calorie burning exercises but will not generally increase your muscle tone and definition.  Jogging at a steady pace, swimming and cycling are excellent examples but anything that gets your heart pumping will be effective. These are exercises that are not done in ‘bursts’ but are done at a more manageable pace but over a longer period of time. As result, metabolism, blood flow and glucose consumption by the muscles is raised leading to all important fat burning. It is recommended you do 30 minutes of these exercises three to five times a week.  Doing strenuous exercise everyday without giving the body chance to rest may put you at risk of injury which would then affect your ability to exercise.

Strength training is not just about lifting heavy weights but in fact incorporates many different forms of work out. The principle difference compared to aerobic exercise is that there are fewer repetitions of the chosen exercise but at a higher intensity. The upper legs are an area that is very commonly afflicted with cellulite. Squats are a great exercise to do if you wish to target that troublesome area as they not only tone the thighs but also the buttocks and lower abdomen. To gain the most out of the exercise, when performing a squat it is important to keep your back straight and squat so your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle or until you feel a pull within the muscle. Never stretch the muscle more than what is comfortable for you as again, you may risk injury.  Lunges are very similar but you bring your leg forward instead then bend. This exercise also targets the buttocks and thighs as squats do.

If you happen to suffer from cellulite on the upper arms or just wish to tone them, lifting bell weights is a good way to tone. Lifting low weight weights many times will burn fat but weights at a higher weight but with fewer repetitions will build muscle. Before you embark on a new exercise regime, it is important you consult your GP and get a full health assessment. Just as crucially, it is important to follow a healthy diet throughout the duration of your exercise programme to see the best results.

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