EndoMeso Cellulite Treatment

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EndoMeso is a relatively new treatment that combines two major anti cellulite treatments into one therapy. Endermologie and mesotherapy techniques are used in conjunction with the aim to achieve a better result together than they would when used separately. Endermologie and mesotherapy are both two highly effective treatments in their own right. The combination of these treatments may also provide a helpful solution to potential patients that for example were unsure of whether endermologie or mesotherapy treatment would be the most successful for them. This combination has been officially certified by the Food and Drugs Association for use in the battle against cellulite.

How does EndoMeso work?

Both endermologie and mesotherapy are very different methods with the common aim of reducing cellulite. Endermologie involves a strong massage technique. Delivery of the therapy occurs via a machine that uses two different types of massage components. The aim of endermologie is to pull up the connective tissue fibres so as to release and smooth out the cellulite. On the other hand, mesotherapy is a needle based treatment that involves the injection of active chemicals directly into the area of tissue under the skin that has been affected by cellulite.  These chemicals trigger the body to produce a natural response which helps to move the cellulite therefore reducing the problem.

Firstly, a single session of endermologie treatment is given without any mesotherapy. Then in the same week you will receive two sessions of mixed treatment sessions containing both the endermologie and mesotherapy, which are delivered at the same time. The rest of the treatments in the programme will also be mixed treatment sessions and you will require 2 sessions a week for approximately 10 weeks.  Health checks may also be carried out during this time by a doctor at the clinic so as to highlight any potential underlying conditions that may be causing or at least encouraging cellulite appearance. The tests are nothing to be concerned about and will only include simple medical tests such as blood pressure checks and body mass index checks, as well as potential blood tests.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to EndoMeso?

One major disadvantage to this form of treatment in comparison to other treatments available for cellulite is the heavy time commitment that has to be given for this treatment to be successful. If you were to commence with the treatment, then cancel a session because another important event came up then this would highly damage the chances of achieving a positive result at the end of the treatment. Consistency is key when it comes to whether or not the treatment will work for you so unless you have the time available, this treatment would not be recommended.  However, this time commitment could also been seen as an advantage to the treatment. Regular visits to the therapist performing the treatment may assist you in keeping your motivation high when it comes to other aspects of the treatment such as the dietary changes required and exercise routines to gain the best possible result.

As this treatment involves in effect being given two treatments at once, you will experience a strong pulling sensation of your skin as well as needles entering simultaneously. For some individuals, this may cause minor discomfort although as much as possible will be done to ensure you are at ease throughout the treatment. As with many other non surgical anti cellulite treatments, maintenance sessions are required to maintain the result gained from the initial set of treatments.

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