TriActive Laser Treatment for Cellulite

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When it comes to laser treatments and cellulite, there are many different approaches. All this information floating around could leave you confused about which is the best for you. TriActive laser treatment is a Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved treatment for use on people with cellulite.  The aim of the treatment is to use lasers to penetrate the skin so leading to reduction in cellulite. Although this may sound like a risky and painful procedure, the treatment is designed in a way to minimise any pain or side effects while still providing an effective reduction.

How does TriActive work?

TriActive treatment should always be provided by a trained professional who has received the correct certification to perform the procedure. The equipment hand piece through which TriActive is given contains 6 lasers as well as a cooling system and a suction massage piece. Each individual component comes together and compliments each other to provide an effective method of cellulite reduction.

All the lasers fire beneath the skin to stimulate increased circulation, opening up the blood vessels below the surface of the skin thus greatly improving metabolic exchange. In addition to the lasers, a cooling system is present and the use of this leads to the reduction of fluid retention which instantly improves the appearance of the cellulite once the retention gone. The suction massage piece aids lymphatic drainage by gentle massage of the affected area of skin.  This aspect of the treatment is very similar to that of endermologie but the added lasers and cooling system leads to a better overall result. 

The TriActive laser itself is incredibly flexible in its application. As it can be used anywhere on the body, the treatment of cellulite even in the most unlikely of places is possible, giving a hope to even the most unusual of cases.  As this is a non surgical procedure, you will not spend extensive time in a hospital or clinic hence allowing you to reap the rewards and get straight back to everyday life.

A series of 6 treatments is usually the required amount to achieve a positive result although this many vary depending on the severity of your cellulite. Exactly how many treatments you will require should be discussed with you on your initial consultation at the clinic providing the treatment.  Usually, 2 or 3 treatments are provided in one week and each treatment should last approximately 15 minutes.

Is TriActive laser treatment successful?

TriActive treatments are very successful at reducing the appearance of cellulite with the majority of people seeing a marked improvement on their pre-procedure state. However, this is not considered to be a permanent solution. The actual fat cells that have moved to cause the uneven appearance of the skin are not destroyed. The technique only is able to improve the appearance of your skin, not get rid of the cellulite altogether.  An added benefit of the treatment is its ability to improve your physique by smoothing and toning the skin.  The results will vary from person to person as each person’s individual skin type and tissue structure is different. Some people may require far less in terms of treatment than someone else to achieve the same result.  

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