Treatment for Buttock Cellulite

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Cellulite on the buttock area is pretty common and can be a major problem area for those wishing to get rid of it. The buttock is an area where there is a higher proportion of fat tissue, especially in females, than there are in comparison to other area of the body for example the calves or arms. This is what causes cellulite to be far more common in this area. Although excess fat may not be the cause, quite often it is this what make individuals susceptible to suffering from cellulite.

In terms of exercise, there are no specific exercises that target cellulite on the buttocks specifically. Your best approach would be to do lots of cardiovascular exercise that aims to raise the heart rate, therefore increasing the rate at which fat is burnt.  Such exercises include running, cycling or swimming and around 30 minutes each day should be performed in order to reap the rewards.  In addition, a healthy diet should be implemented that is not just calorie restrictive but also is correctly balanced nutritionally so the body receives all the vital vitamins and minerals it requires. As long as the diet provides less energy than the body expends, you will lose weight and hopefully cellulite reduction will occur. Aiming for a diet of between 1500-2000kcal if you are female and 2000kcal if you are male along with daily exercise will be highly beneficial. In

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