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Endermologie is a Food and Drugs Association (FDA) approved technique for anti-cellulite treatment that targets the fat cells in the skin by deep tissue massage.  You may have already heard of this treatment in other contexts as it has a broad range of applications in other cosmetic problems also, for example in the treatment of heavy scar tissue in burn victims. Endermologie was in fact the first treatment to be approved by the FDA and has been very extensively studied for treating cellulite.  Specialist equipment has been designed to allow this to occur in a non invasive way yet still provide positive results. The principle of the technique is based on the idea of mechano-stimulation. What this term means is that the mechanical movement of the skin caused by the equipment enables processes within cells deeper in the skin to become activated again.

How does the technique work?

There are two different types of technology used within this technique - roll and lift technology. The two combined work together to pull and lift the skin so as to allow targeting of different areas. It is considered to be a natural and non invasive procedure.  Lift technology provides micropulses that gently work to stimulate the skin.  

The lift technology works to primarily target the septae within the skin. The septae are simply the parallel connective tissue components involved in organisation of the deeper skin tissue that once disrupted, enables cellulite to occur as the fat cells are not properly organised. The lift technology helps correct the problems by pulling up on the skin to relax the septae. Circulation is improved within the skin and this leads to an increase in metabolic exchange, vital when it comes to decreasing cellulite.

The roll head technology uses mechanical action to trigger a physiological response from cells deep within the skin. Vigorous massaging is used so that the skin is pushed and pressure is applied to it. As with the lift technology, the results of the action of the roll head are to increase the metabolism which in turn increases fat removal from the affected area.

During the treatment, it is quite common to be asked to wear nylon stockings. This is so as to decrease the amount of friction and limit any damage to the external surface of the skin. The treatment must be performed by a professional and will be most effective if you are a physically fit individual between the ages of 30-45. If you are overweight or quite an inactive person then it is possible that you would not benefit from receiving this treatment hence it may be best to consider other potential cellulite treatments or take steps to improve your health before you would be considered.

How much does Endermologie treatments cost?

Endermologie treatments are only ever effective when given in multiple sessions. The number of sessions required can vary usually from between 14 to 27 sessions. The precise number of sessions you will require will dependant on your specific case. On your initial consultation topics such as how many sessions you will require and for how long will be discussed with you by the health professional performing the procedure.  Each session on average costs between £50- £60 although clinics may offer a deal where the full course of treatment can be paid together. If the option is available, paying in full would result in a discount as generally treatment paid this way costs between £650 to £700.

At the beginning of the treatment, a great deal of time investment is required as you must be able to attend 2 or 3 treatments within your first week. Each treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes. If you have a hectic lifestyle so may not be able to commit to the time requirements of the treatment, this may not be the best option for you. There are many other options for you to consider that do not require such heavy initial time investment and that are more gradual in their progression.  

Can the treatment be continued at home?

One incredibly appealing aspect to endermologie treatment is that devices have been marketed making is possible for you to continue the treatment at home. The Wellbox is a handheld, domestic version of the equipment used in a professional Endermologie clinic. Technology used in this device is very similar to the professional version although it is slightly more simplistic. Such simplicity means that the Wellbox is brought to you in a more user friendly form meaning professional expertise in the technique is not required.

The device has the same health benefits of cellulite reduction and the improvement of circulation as the clinical version does. The results seen however may not be as drastic as those seen via the conventional clinical endermologie treatment. On average, the cost of this device is between £600 and £700 but unlike paying for treatment, this can be used as often as desired to maintain the results of the treatment. 

The home device versions of the main treatment are far newer and as a result have not undergone the extensive scientific testing that the main product has. As a result, the WellBox home endermologie treatment has yet to be certified so currently no guarantee can be given to its effectiveness. Despite the fact it hasn't been certified it's still an easy and convenient option and may work out cheaper than the cost of all the required sessions of classical endermologie treatment combined.

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