Velashape Cost

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Because it is viewed as an elective procedure, the NHS will, unfortunately, not pay for you to have the surgery. This means that if you do wish to go through with it, you will need to pay for the procedure yourself. If you do decide to go ahead with the procedure then you will need to look around for the best prices you can get.

Price variation throughout the country

There is a variation in prices across the country with prices in Wales being almost half that of London. While prices may vary you should expect to pay around one hundred and twenty pounds for a single session. However, many places do deals; this means that if you choose to have more than one session (or even a number of sessions) then they will often give you the sessions cheaper than if you have them individually. If you go for this option then the cost of the sessions can vary from six hundred pounds for six, to nine hundred pounds for six (though occasionally they will give you a complementary session because of the price). Overall, therefore, it is worth you looking around to get the best deal before deciding where to go.

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