Reasons for Having Velashape

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Because your body has spent the last nine months looking after your baby there will be a number of changes to your body that will occur. Before going into them, you need to remember two main things; the first, is that they are all natural and happen to almost every woman who goes through pregnancy (if you do not to have any of these affects then you should count yourself lucky), and secondly, they will vary from woman to woman. Some women will experience all these changes to the extreme that they can go; others will have them only mildly and even then only a few changes. In either case it is perfectly natural, though if you are worried about anything then it is important that you consult your GP as they will be able to give you the advice that you need. The most notable, and normal, change to occur is the gaining of weight. This happens to all women, though the amount you will put on varies from person to person. This fat is called ‘baby fat’, and is often hard to shift even after you have had the baby.

Baby fat and the celebrity culture

The problem of having baby fat is exasperated by the celebrity culture where new mothers bodies return to their original size and shape seemingly instantly after they have given birth, such as Victoria Beckham. They do not seem to gain any real fat or weight during their pregnancy. This has perpetuated the idea that all mothers should do the same and that keeping body after giving birth is not natural. However, it needs to be pointed out that it is; it is perfectly natural for you to retain body fat after giving birth.  If, though, you want help to lose the weight that you gained during your pregnancy then Velashape can be used as a way of speeding up the process and helping you to return to your natural weight and shape more quickly than if you simply exercised and ate healthily.

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