Is Velashape Effective?

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This is a difficult question to answer as because the results vary between individuals; some may see a vast difference once they have begun (or finished) the treatment, while others may see only minimal difference. One of the main problems with measuring this is also the level of expectation that you go into the procedure with. If you go in believing that the results will be instant and dramatic, then there is the likelihood that you will believe it to be ineffective. If, however, you go in with the knowledge that the change will not be instantaneous and massive, and be prepared to wait to see results, then you will see some change.

Velashape II

When talking about the effectiveness of the machine, you also need to remember that the Velashape II machine is four times more powerful than any other machine of its kind on the market, and therefore, you are more likely to get the results you are hoping for. However, to maximise effectiveness, you should not use Velashape on its own, but should instead implement a regime of exercise and healthy eating as this will enhance its effectiveness. 

Expected Results from Velashape Treatment

The potential results of Velashape are impressive, though they depend upon a number of factors; how many times you have the treatment; where you go, and any additional exercise you do. However, if the conditions are right then there is the possibility that you will lose around 2.3 inches off your buttocks, 1inch off each of your thighs, and 2.9 inches from your abdomen; clearly good results. You should be aware, however, that these are the optimum results and there can be large variations depending on the factors mentioned above.

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